10 Determination

It has been over two weeks since they have been mated and he still doesn't have her number. She was just that fiery whenever they talked. It always made Aldrin happy to even just get a chance to speak with her. She was determined to ignore the feelings but failing miserably. He was determined to get her number and make her acknowledge her feelings.

Brandon was on good terms with Lucas and it was cute to see them lovey-dovey, but the boy still was very reserved. He asked they don't tell anyone in school, so they only have to meet after school. Aldrin was not sure if he even told Lea about it.

As was staring at her speaking with Lucas at their usual table, it seemed they were having the best time ever. He couldn't lie to himself, he felt very envious of Lucas. He was sure his friends felt the same way. Though it seemed very normal the setting in the canteen the was a different energy. Perhaps this was due to him having found his mate and he saw things differently now.

"Hey Lea, can you please help me with a math problem?" said one of her classmates. "Sure, Jammie" she replied.

"I am sorry I know you must be busy with the exams coming and everything, but I have been struggling with this for so long," said Jammie. Lea found him cute because he was always so timid.

"It's not a problem at all Jammie, don't worry about it. We study at my house together" she gestured at Lucas, "You can join us, it will be a little easier." she suggested.

"Are you sure?" he asked worriedly, he didn't want to inconvenience anyone.

"Of course, the more the merrier. Besides, I need some new friends other than Lucas, or I will end up being a drama queen like him" teased Lea.

"Huh, act like you don't want me around. Once ignore you, you'll come run and ask Lucas, did you break up with me? Are not friends anymore? How can you do this to me?" Jammie looked at them awkwardly, he made it sound like they're dating.

"You're guys together?" he asked confused.

HAHAHAHHAHAHHA Lea and Lucas laughed.

"God, Jammie you're funny. Me and him, eww," said Lea. "Yeah, totally disgusting," said Lucas with an appalling face.

"You're not?" "No, we are not." they both answered. "But you're speaking as if you were dating," he said looking at Lucas.

"Let me tell you a secret," Lea asked Jammie to get close to her, so she can whisper in his ear.

"He is dating the handsome Brandon," not many people heard, meaning the humans but all the supernatural who was eavesdropping heard her.

"Lea..." said Lucas in annoyance and embarrassment. He couldn't get angry at her because she didn't know she outed him.

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"Really?" asked Jammie in shock. "Yep, imagine my surprise when I saw them sucking each other. He still has not told me, his best friend. Do you know how hurt I am? I just had to let him know, I found out on my own." said Lea pretending to be hurt.

She had been so thrilled when she saw them, she didn't care if he was secretive. However, she just couldn't tell why she outed him to Jammie. She had the feeling he was going to be a good friend to them.

"So, you joining us?" asked Lea again "Sure." Lea squealed in excitement.


"How cute?" said Aldrin. "How long do you think she will keep resisting?" he asked Brandon.

"As Mike said, our Luna is a tough cookie. It is amazing she still has not given in," replied Brandon.

Aldrin huffed in annoyance, why were so proud?

"I need to get her number at least hear her voice before I sleep. What if I lose it one day and broke into her house and kidnap her?" he said with a worried voice.

"Then you need to be gentle with her and not demand the number. Besides, she is your mate. Why are you being tough with her?" asked Brandon.

"I don't do it on purpose. I just like teasing her," he smirked.

The bell rang to signal the lunch break being over. Lea, Lucas, and Jammie hurried to clear their table and ran out of the canteen. She had to get the hell out of there before he stopped her again. She was so not herself these days, since that day she can't stop thinking about him.

She had a wet dream this morning about him and it scared her so much. She was afraid if they were left alone, she would kiss the guy.

"Lea" he called her and she froze in shock. Looks like he does not care about the people around them.

"Why are you running away?" he asked. "Do I scare you?" he didn't care people were watching.

"How long must I plead for your number? How can you be so heartless? I even knelt on my knees begging you. Can't you tell I am being sincere? I like you, Lea. Please give me a chance you show you?" he played pitifully.

Shocked. Lea stood there staring at the handsome man embarrassing her. How dare he play pitiful? When she looked around everyone was staring at her with judgmental eyes and others were asking themselves if she was crazy.

"Why is she playing hard to get?" said someone "Yeah, clearly she wants to give it to him," another said.

"It's those innocent ones that are the most dangerous," said another one.

"Who asked for your opinion?" lashed out Lea. "Stupid people, who always involve themselves in other people's business. Shouldn't all be getting class and get better grades than glaring at me because of envy?" she said with amusement.

"Seriously Aldrin?" she asked with an arched eyebrow. She was amused by his act. Though those people were annoying they were telling the truth, she so wanted to give it to him, but she was resisting.

"I want your number," he said with a serious tone this time. "If that is true. Are you willing to run around school naked?" she asked.

Is she crazy? Again the people asked themselves what was the point.

"Sure," Aldrin said as he was getting ready to take off his clothes. Lea didn't think he would but his shirt was already off and boy was his body gorgeous.

He had an eight-pack and wolf tattoo printed on his life side, its head was above his heart. It looked so gorgeous and real that Lea found that it was pulling her in. She so wanted to touch his abs and bit his nipples.

"PUT YOUR CLOTHES ON" She shouted with anxiety. She was jealous that other people were staring at him. She quickly writes her number on a paper she found in her pocket and gave it to him, then left the room with her cheeks red with blush and embarrassment..

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