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Who knew?


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Bullied all the time in school suddenly she is mated to the most handsome and cold hearten Aldrin. Lea was to experience many discoveries and life changes, she was to embark on a journey she in her wildest dreams wouldn't have imagined. She was going to change the world and make history alongside her guardian, lover, king, mate, and best friend Aldrin. She is going to gain more friends and more enemies, she is going to learn more about herself. Let's accompany her when she finds herself and learns about life and its encounters. *** He turned to look at Lea with his left eyebrow raised, " What did I say to you this morning?" Lea looked at him with wide eyes and a surprised face. "I was going to, I didn't know I had to scream your name or something," she said sarcastically. Well, that was surprising. She was getting bolder as Julia figured. "Ha, sarcasm. I would appreciate it if you followed orders," he said sternly. He hates people who don't follow orders. It was very disrespectful and very annoying. "I am not your dog," answered Lea, Aldrin found this amusing. He loved the fact that she was challenging him. Everyone else who was not supernatural was confused. When did he become so gentle? Why was he protecting her suddenly? The others understood though, the Alpha has found his mate. They have a queen and Luna. Lea is their queen, this was surprising and strange at the same time. It was not common for Alphas to be mated to humans especially a king. "Keep that mouth of yours running and you will be punished." his eyes twinkled with mischief and Lea found herself blushing, confusing enough she was curious what would be her punishment be. Maybe he would spank her. PLEASE NOTE THERE ARE EXPLICIT/////EROTIC EVENTS IN THIS BOOK. READ AT YOUR DISCRETION.