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White Terra


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70 years ago, the first global bioengineering project was issued. Earth at that time was in a bit of a pickle. Because humans continued to expand their civilizations, resources were eventually exhausted. When the project was first started, humanity couldn't help but to sigh in relief. Maybe their chances of living weren't so numbered. Food was the number one problem. All the animals are now nearly gone, so what can they do? They started to engineer these pre-existing animals, but with better genes and traits that allowed them to survive better. The project started with a few chickens, but ended up with reworking basically all of earth's life. Humanity has broken a taboo. Creatures started to emerge from the rubble of humanity's tampering. ------------------ A small boy wakes up in a strange forest with no memories of anything and everything... He could not taste, he did not need to eat, and he did not bleed. He simply waited, until one day, a group of adventurers discovered him. ------------------ This is just something I am writing for fun. Expect a ton a plot holes that will never be resolved, garbage writing, short chapters, and my loss of motivation to continue writing. Please do not steal the cover. I own the image.


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