275 Phantom Knight.

KnightOfHoliness walked in circles around the battlefield with his sword held in an already victorious position!

The audience's cheers filled his mind, awakening a sense of pride inside him that he wasn't aware existed. For the first time in his life, he felt what it was like to be the greatest!

Seeing the lovestruck gazes of the women in the crowd filled him with satisfaction, while the envious stares of the men filled him with arrogance.

However, those feelings were dashed when a familiar voice cried out from behind him.

''WATCH OUT!'' The red-haired youth known as Salamander called out to the showboating Knight.

Isaac had once again raised his weapon, and the barrel was aimed at the back of the Knight's uncovered head.


KnightOfHoliness flinched and swiftly raised his shield into the path of the bullet.


The bullet ricocheted off the shield and flew off into the distance, somewhere outside the stadium.

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