278 Isaac's Luck.

After witnessing the handsome Knight collapsing face-first into the dirt, the audience showed a wide range of emotions. The whole scene had happened as if it were in slow motion.

The ones who'd grown fond of the Knight, particularly the ladies, frowned in disappointment at his loss.

A large portion of the children stared down at Wraith with their hearts pumping excitedly! How awesome!

The actions he'd displayed were something straight out of a fairytale!

However, in this fairytale, it wasn't the prince who won! It was the man who'd been called out as an enemy!

Members of Wraithless glared out through the steel bars, staring daggers at Isaac's head. This victory didn't sit well with them.

Behind the other members, TomValeo had run back to the arena, and he was staring out with a look of disbelief on his face.

"How... How the hell did he win?!"

Back in the player lounge, the members of Black Arrow were cheering! At first, their voices were the only ones that could be heard.

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