68 Hunter Vs. Marksman.

The bullet left the gun's barrel like a cannon. Only a trail of smoke was left behind as the bullet flew and hit its mark.

Turmoil stumbled and felt the blue liquid covering his pale and sickly face.

''Eh...'' He looked stunned, but it didn't take long for him to turn into pixels.

[You Killed Player Turmoil!]

[400 XP Earned!]

''Fool!'' Chase shouted and aimed the crossbow towards swimming figure of Isaac.

Isaac tried to swim to the other side of the lake and enter the shore from there.

But Chase isn't planning to let him do that. Currently, Isaac is like a rat trapped in a cage.


Chase squeezed the trigger and unleashed a rain of arrows towards Isaac's unguarded figure.

Isaac took a glance behind him and paled, he quickly submerged in the water and tried to dodge the arrows in the water, but a few lucky shots pierced through his legs.

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