417 City of Priesthood.

The bright sun shone down on the sea, the calm waves splattered against the ship's hull, and the sails continued to flap.

Isaac was sitting on the wooden stool, looking over the handrail at the blue sea below. In several instances, he saw a large shadow moving beneath them, but he thought that they were whales due to their shape.

Also, the shadow was too large to be anything else.

However, he forgot one crucial thing. This was White Online and not real-life. This means that this world contains mysterious beings never before seen.


A powerful wave pushed the ship to one side, and Murphy, as well as other crew members, suddenly fell down after the violent movement. It was shaking uncontrollably throughout the entire ship, and Isaac was finding it challenging to stay upright.

"We are being attacked!" Murphy shouted, "Take the harpoon!"

One of the crew mates rushed indoors and soon came back with a hand-held harpoon. The harpoon seemed sharp and deadly.

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