64 Battle of Marksmen.

The Forest of Unknown was eerily quiet, except in one part of the forest where two figures were desperately trying to run away.

''Marksman...'' Darth took sneak glances towards the individual who seemed to be holding a very similar weapon like certain someone.

''It must be Uncommon Flintlock Pistol! He shot two times, and he must be waiting for the reload!'' Isaac shouted while running in the dark forests.

''Shouldn't we attack then?!'' Darth asked and started slowing down.

But then Isaac's shout came, ''No! He still has his Common Flintlock Pistol. Even though it can't damage much, it will still lower our HP enough to be able to one-shot us with Uncommon!''

''Damn!'' Darth grimaced and accelerated his speed.

The unknown Marksman in trees was chasing them with ease. His agility surprised both of them.

Isaac narrowed his eyes and scanned the individual's body, his face was still obscure, but he noticed one thing that made him grow a smile.

He didn't have pouches on his waists.

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