White Lotus And The Beast
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White Lotus And The Beast


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What is White Lotus And The Beast

White Lotus And The Beast is a popular web novel written by the author Ms_Fujo, covering REINCARNATION, ROMANCE, ACTION, ADVENTURE, FEMALE LEAD, CULTIVATION, POSSESSIVE, BEAST, SILLY FEMALE LEAD, WHITELOTUS, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 36.8K readers with an average rating of 4.98/5 and 12 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 20 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Bei Xi transmigrated as a weak and gentle Young Miss. But as the story progressed,she is bound to be a cannon fodder who'll die at the age of 6. There's no way she'll accept such fate thrown in her way so she'll do whatever it takes to stay alive in amidst of the chaos inside Imperial City. Schemes,betrayal,and whatever the heck it is,she plans to evade each one of them and live a happy life just like her past world. Since she want to live in a tranquil environment there are bound to be a vast change in the story she reincarnated in. The characters grow fiercer and the most unexpected happening is that she had a more than a handfuls of admirers. Its simply because she,herself,doesn't know how attractive her graceful etiquette,weak aura,and adorable gestures. Moreover,uncovering her own body's secret is already very stressful thing since it has a ton ones,she doesn't really have time for love. Her supposedly future make a 180 degree turn. And in a corner,a figure blends in the shadow. His eyes is red from anger,giving a reflection of a ferocious beast and the door to hell. "This people doesn't know what is good for them." "Doesn't they know that precious things can only be possessed by a great owner." "She's mine!"

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Since i achieve my goal for 10 chapters,i'll be thick-skinned and leave a review MWUAHAHAA >O< SO HOW'S THE BOOK GUYS? Please leave a suggestions so i can improve it more. Don't you like Bei Xi's cheeks to be squeeze to death?( *=*)// Or don't you want to meet the ml already?! Or Bei Xi being smash to bed LMAO nope she's only 4 now. I feel like im going too slow....right? HAHAHA Anyways,Thank you for the support! I love you all! <3<3<3


Reveal spoiler


The story was very interesting and the first time i read thiss book. Also the prolouge is good, by the time oread it already got my attention. So please keep up of what your dping Godbless😍😊


hope this is quite good. i'll change this if not. don't keep us hanging here, author. im looking forward to this story. good luck to youuuuuuuuu.


So far my favorite characters in novels are the one that us possessive. This piece simply caught my attention. In case it doesn't maintain my interest,might as well give this a 3 star. Author,keep up.


This book is quite really interesting. I am trying to help myself not to drown too much because it's really good and I wouldn't get enough! Am gonna look forward with this, and the author herself. Good luck to you, more power and blessings wiwiwiwi💛


The story is interesting. I hope for more updates and also keep up the good start. Flourish more the story and keep the characters more unique. Good luck,author.


This story is really interesting,it has caught my eyes in just a second. The way you build your character is really amazing,the plot,the flow of the story. This story feels like a breathe of fresh air for me. To the author,hope you write more story like this. Im rooting for you.


the story was very interesting~the characters were so cute like me ~and i love bei xi very much~good luck author~i hope i see you in person~ i can't wait to read your next book


Najshjsjsbdsnjzzjbsjsjsjzbsjsisjshsjsisjshsizjzhsisjzhsisjzhsjzjzbsishzjzhzjzhzzhzbzizihzzjjzvdis whatever this one is for my fast pass. Still hope this one is good.


We have the same interest as the author so maybe this book is suited for meeee. Looking forward to it. Hope it will keep up since their is only prologue now.


Just came back to webnovel and this welcomes me while looking for a light drama and silly character. As far as i read,the story is cute and easy to digest. Im just hoping for more updates.......


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