White Lie. Book

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White Lie.


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(1st cover drawn by valaisevat_art) (2nd cover would’ve been drawn by him too) (3rd cover by Niccchii) (4th cover by Iman Laksana) (5th cover by artzuu_) (6th cover by burnredcruz) (7th cover by Ragil) (8th cover by Ragil and my mentor, Malise) (Final cover by Ragil) Thank you to all the artists that let me use their art for the cover of my book. I hope to continue this trend with all of my future projects :) Credit to LerxurButCooler on Wattpad for making Retly! Read ‘A Fortunate Mistake’ by them, it’s really great! In the aftermath of the Advent of Destruction after the New Allfather of Time reincarnated the world to one free of control, a remnant of his last life as a human is left in the New World… henceforth lighting ablaze a new story as Katie Moon is thrown into the fray. A teenage girl who’s life is turned upside down after she turns in her abusive family members and meets a redhead by the name of Ace Wilder. Working for the security organization ANZEN, he, Katie, his girlfriend Kima and his little sister June explore the ‘Remnant World’ to acquire artifacts and ensure the security of the world. In the end, however… things are not always what they seem. Always be on the lookout for the truth, and alternatively: justice. Written and created by Ben Rivera, Katie Moon created by Hannah Souden.


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