1 White cat

White cat

By pen

Shagufta mukhtar

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Mayer was coming home very late today. After much effort, he could not find a job. It was the third day he was returning home empty-handed. He was very tired. He was tired of being alone. Now he wanted to add someone else to his life.

But he was afraid that he would not even have food for many days. Why would a girl marry him? He was getting frustrated from all sides. His courage was about to respond when his eyes fell on a white cat. Shivering from the cold, Mayer approached and saw that she was badly injured. He took her in his arms and walked towards his house.

Mayer put ointment on his wounds and laid him down by the fire so that he could escape the cold and rest for a while. Mayer fell asleep but when she woke up in the morning she was not there. She was happy that she was fine and could go home. She had been hungry for many days. She thought that he would go again today to look for a job. There was a knock on the door. He was wondering who could come to meet him in this desert. No one even comes here.

At first he kept asking who it was but there was no answer from outside, so he was forced to open the door and he was surprised to see a girl in front of him shivering from the cold who was no less than a fairy. She wore a white frock. She kept her hair short. He told her to come in. Before she could come, she fell into Mayer's arms. She was unconscious. Mayer took her and laid her on her bed. There were clothes in the house and everyone had put them on him so that he would regain consciousness soon.

Mayer was worried that he would not be able to give the girl anything to eat. When she regained consciousness, she said that she had no home. She was looking for a place to stay, but she could not go because it was so cold. Where is her house and where can she go? She can stay here, she won't have any problem.

Mayer had found a friend. He was no longer alone. The girl's name was Paras because she was a very beautiful and invaluable girl. He had never seen a girl like this before. He did not want to be alone anymore, he told Pars "Listen! Would you like to marry a poor boy like me?"

" Yes "

What is that ۔ ۔ ۔ What? Did you say yes He couldn't imagine that she wanted to marry him too. He was very happy. They got married soon. They were both very happy in their false life. Mayer didn't get any job for many days. But Pars never complained. He was very worried that he would not be able to give Paras everything he was entitled to. Paras told him that he would start selling blankets. Paras said: She would stay in the room for three days to make a blanket, but he would not ask her how to make it and would not see what she was doing. Mayer promised that he would never break her trust.

This is how Pars locked herself in a room every three days and came out with a beautiful blanket in her hand. It was really beautifully made and the blanket was very much liked by the princess, the daughter of the king. Now he was living his life like this. Three months had passed. He was no longer hungry. He considered himself lucky to have found Myers Pars. One day when Pars was busy in his room, Mayer's childhood friend suddenly came. He was very happy to meet her. He wanted to meet his sister-in-law. Mayer told him that he had seen someone these days. Can't meet

Her friend wondered how she could have set it on fire. She said, "Why does she work in secret? Doesn't she believe you?" Such words made Mayer really think. He loved Pars very much and did not want to lose him at any cost but his friend who had sown the seed of doubt in his heart was growing up and was forced to think that he was coming. Where did she get such a beautiful blanket? Paras had stopped locking the door now because he was confident that he would never break his promise. When Mayer entered the room with her hands on her heart, her eyes were wide open. Instead of Pars, a white cat was busy making blankets with her hair and magic. She looked at him.

You broke your promise. You didn't do me any good. She ran out of the window talking. She ran after him, but she didn't look back. It was the same cat that my mother had saved. It was a cat. It was a bearded cat that had come from another world to repay its kindness. It had given its whole life to it. I asked her for trust, but she couldn't give it. She never came back. It's a pity for Mayer. She didn't know how to recognize a Pars. What did she do with her life? , Distrust and haste is the best gift of his life Had gone away _

Now he was living alone again. If he had kept his word, he would not have let his happiness go away from him.