Whisked Away With My Divorcée Book

novel - Fantasy

Whisked Away With My Divorcée


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The Kingdom of Zoria and the Girid Empire dominate the continent of Trumoris. Scarlet, is the only princess and heir of the Girid Empire. Zoria and Girid were at each other's throats and tensions were high. War soon broke out between them. How will Scarlet protect Girid when Zoria brought back magic? With magic of her own of course. With a powerful shapeshifter at her side, watch as Scarlet conquers the world! (hopefully without turning into an insane ugly hag) ----------------------------------------------- Current Release Frequency: 7-14 per week +1 bonus chapter @ 1 power stone! +2 bonus chapters @ 5 power stones! +3 bonus chapters @15 power stones! +4 bonus chapters @ 30 power stones! (bonus chapters are calculated at end of each week)