1 Adoption

Hello everyone my name is Lilith and this is my story about my life, I hope you all come along with me on this journey to find my place in this world along side my new family. Today is the day parents come to the Saint Marie Orphanage to adopt children either because they are unable to have their own children, they need the money, to sell them off to some rich family or to use them believe it or not but, there have been parents that have adopted children for everything that I have mentioned.... oh yeah I forgot as you already know my name is Lilith and I am 17 years old I have lived in this orphanage for as long as I can remember in fact it's all I have ever known, this orphanage is like a home for me well was like a home for me now it's just a building filled with nothing but, bad memories. as soon as I woke up I began to make my bed and get dressed one of the sisters that work at the orphanage called out to me.

"Lilith are you up yet?" asked sister Marie

"yes, I am up just getting dressed" I replied

"okay well make sure you wear a dress there are people here looking to adopt maybe you might be lucky and get adopted before your 18 birthday" she said excited about it

"sure no promises thou" I said

I am not one to wear dresses hell when I was a kid I use to rip all the dresses they made me wear telling me that all girls wear dresses and I should act lady like and when I asked what they meant by lady like they looked at me like I had just committed murder like what do you expect from a 5 year old, out of every child in the orphanage I was the only one who father Luke enjoyed the company of well for more then one reason and you will find out unless you already figured it out, out of every adult in this orphanage there was only one person who didn't say or do anything bad towards me and that was sister Rose unfortunately due to her falling pregnant she is on maternity leave which if you ask me sucks because she was the only person who I turned to and could trust with everything that the others did to me. Once I was done changing I walked out of my room which happens to be the only room with an iron door and why you might ask well that's simple its so they can lock me away and I can't break out of it which is a problem for me, anyways I began to walk towards the other children, as soon as I got there the children moved away from me and I saw a lot of parents, I was never one to get my hopes up before however when I saw a woman approach me I started thinking maybe its time, maybe I will get adopted finally! however I was wrong the woman was going for the 10 years old behind me, I have never felt so upset or embarrassed in my life. I moved to my left so that the woman can see the child , after the parents were done looking at the children they looked at me and then asked Sister Rosetta "who is she? why are her eyes different colored? why is her hair that color? how old is she?" I was confused because they looked at me after Sister Rosetta answered them then they all walked away and I just headed towards the garden, I go there whenever I am upset or need room to think and clam down, sometimes that's the only place I feel safe, my room is not even safe because of that one father that always seems to 'come check up' on me however I swear he is going to go to far and I might not be able to control myself. I was to busy thinking that I didn't hear or see anyone come into the garden.

"Lilith come down from the tree, I swear you are going to be the death of me" said sister Lily

"No thanks, also I hope I do become the death of you" I replied however i whispered the last part

I jumped off the tree and saw a really tall man, he was wearing a black suite, he had long black hair which was tied back into a bun, not gonna lie it suited him, he was also very well muscular, he had a warm smile too. once I got closer to them he asked sister Lily why I was in the garden and not with the other children and sister Lily being the spiteful woman that she is, she told him that I was the reason why the kids were scared because I hurt one of the sisters that wasn't there however he didn't seem to believe her so she came towards me lifted my hair that I parted so that it could cover up my scar from sister Lily when I was 7 years old. The man looked at me and I guess must have noticed that I was not comfortable with her touching me or my hair then he came up to us and took her hand away from my hair and her other hand away from my arm then got down onto my level ..... ok my height and told me that he was sorry that she was making me uncomfortable. I am going to explain how I got the scar and why I was uncomfortable with her touching my hair and me, when I was 7 years old a family wanted to adopt kids that were in the age range between 3-10 years old, Sister Lily came into my bedroom and told me to wear a dress and to not talk unless spoken to and I did, after a while families or just the parents that were looking to adopt noticed that I was a bit uncomfortable with the dress so they asked if they could talk to me and sister Lily agreed, after a while of the two adults asked me why did I get put into an orphanage and why I didn't like being in a dress, so I gave them my reason then the next thing I now I was in my room looking at my ceiling, it turns out that I had blacked out near the end of the meeting and had bitten the male adult for touching my forehead I didn't even know where there. On my birthday I asked sister Jill if I could have a cupcake and she told me that only good kids get cupcakes on their birthday so me being 7 years old started to ask over and over again for a cupcake then sister Lily came in and hit me with the front side of the knife that she was holding because she was cooking in the kitchen and heard me yelling from the room across, I guess she forgot that she had the knife in her hand. Now back to the story after the man said that he was sorry that the sister was making me uncomfortable, he stood up from the ground because he was kneeling , I am pretty shot for my age however as soon as he did he turned toward the sister and said he would like to talk to her and she agreed to it. I started to walk towards my bedroom because I was getting tired, once I got into my room the sister and the man came up to my room.

"hey little one?" the man said

"I assure you sir that I am not a child if that's that you are trying to apply"

"Then how old are you?" he asked

"I will have you know that I am 17 years old" I replied

"I see, well I have decided to adopt you seeing as you don't belong in a cage and deserve to fly young one" he said

All I could do was look at this man and tilt my head trying to figure out what he meant by that until I realized that he was no longer with just the sister, there was a woman standing at the door looking at me with such a gentle gaze, for some reason I feel like I have felt this gaze before however I have forgotten where. The woman was tall, she was wearing a blue and black dress, had long silver hair which was tied in a bun, she had black high heels, had a red purse and had dark red eyes. The woman came next to the man and told him that she will help me pack my belongings and so she did however while they left the room I decided to change, so I looked at the woman and told her does she prefer I wear a dress or whatever I am comfortable with, the woman looked at me and said to wear whatever I want and she wont judge me for it and so I did. I went to my dresser and got out my green camo pants, a white tank top, a red and black checkered long sleeved shirt, a black leather jacket, a black beanie and my dark red and black boots. Once I had came out all dressed I had noticed that all the packing was done and the woman was crying.

"Is something wrong?" I asked the woman

"Ah I am just sad because you don't have very much things" she replied

"I know..... that's because some of the sisters like to give my clothing to the younger ones to clean the orphanage with so what I have now are whatever I hid away from them" I replied

"I see, well I guess then I will arrange someone to buy you some more clothes then" she said

"why?" I asked

"well as of today you are my youngest and only daughter" she said

"oh, so that man is you boyfriend or husband?" I asked again

"Yes, he is my husband and we came here to adopt someone to join in our family and we chose you" she said

"I see well um.. thank you" I replied

"No problem my child" the woman said with a gentle smile

"oh I forgot I have one more thing to grab but, I will join you at the lobby once I grab what it is I forgot to grab" I said to the tall lady

"of course sweetheart I will wait for you there" the tall lady said

Once she left the room I went to my closet and looked for the loose piece of wood from the wall in which I would hide my most valuable items like jewelry, money, or anything that I deemed valuable so that the sisters at the orphanage didn't give them to the children, I removed the wood piece that was located on the bottom right side of my closet and grabbed the necklace that was on me when I first came to the orphanage which one of the sisters tried to give away to one of the elder kids that had left years ago, so I hid away just incase they would do it again. I put the necklace on and was about to head out of my room with the backpack that she left behind well I didn't let her take it because I also had something to add to it, anyways as I grabbed my bag and was heading out my so called bedroom I heard a window smash, it sounded so close, I turned around only to be greeted by a huge wolf like creature above me. I tried screaming but, nothing came out of my throat, I tried to push the huge grey wolf off my which only seemed to piss the beast off more, I was running out of options seeing as it was trying to go for neck with the intentions to kill, I closed my eyes only to feel what was once a heavy body of a beast on me to feeling very light as if the beast was off me. I opened my eyes only to be greeted by another huge white wolf however the white wolf didn't attack me instead it was in front of me protecting me from the grey wolf, the grey wolf tried to lounge at the white wolf only to be knocked back by an even huger black furred wolf, then I felt a pair of hands on my shoulders when I turned around I saw a tall man, he had a very well toned body like you can tell that he works out and hasn't missed a day, he had blackish silver hair, his eyes were silver which looked good on him, he had tan skin, he was wearing a black dress shirt which had two opened buttons, he had black dress pants, a silver watch, had a tattoo of a snake on his neck, had a lip piercing and was wearing black boots which you think wouldn't match however it does. The man lifted me up with such ease like I am not saying that I am heavy because I am not but, I am not light either so I would say I am average weight, I have long silver hair, I am about 5'4" so I am short compared to this man, I have dark red eyes, my skin is a bit pale but, not to pale.

"you okay? did the wolf bite you? did they hurt you?" the man asked worried if I got hurt

"no you and those wolves came at the right moment, if you didn't come I don't know what I would have done however how did you guys know that I was being attacked I didn't scream or anything?" I asked confused as to how they did

"ah well you see I smelt your fear from the lobby and told my parents about it and the next thing I know my parents ran towards you direction as if they knew it was you whose fear I smelt so you have to thank my parents once they revert back" said the tall man

"parents? revert back?" I was so confused that I just looked at him then looked at the white wolf which was smaller in size then the black wolf

Once I looked over towards the grey, white and black wolf I realized that the black wolf had the grey wolves neck in its mouths and started to crush its throat, I tried telling the black wolf to stop however before I could the grey wolfs body fell limp on the ground with a hard thud, the next thing I knew the two wolves shifted back to human and I heard every one in their body snap back into the form of human and there they were the lady and man from this morning that came to adopt were standing in front of me looking as if they didn't just kill a wolf but, then again the wolf was coming for me.

"sorry sweetheart I hope your not scared of us now" said the man

"please sweetie we didn't mean to scare you" the woman said

As they were saying that I could hear that they were scared that I was afraid of them and like I was going to change my mind about going with them but, they also sounded hurt, I just looked at them trying my best not to cry because growing up in the orphanage or being in school I never really had anyone protect me in any way, shape or from so its new to me and now I couldn't hold it in and my tears started to run down my cheeks like a river.

"I-I-I am not s-scared I-I just n-never had a-anyone (hic) protect me b-before, I-I was s-scared that that w-wolf was g-going to k-kill me" I said in between my cries and hiccups

They all came towards me and hugged me like their life depended on it, after a while I had fallen asleep to to crying hard and for a long period, so their son picked me up bridal style to their car while his father grabbed my belongings and walked away before his wife slapped the lady who was running the orphanage plus saying how they should be treating all the children the same instead of out casting one child because they look different, the lady well the one sister was about to say something until a growl could be heard from her husbands throat then they both got in the car while I was now sleeping on their sons lap well my head was on his lap and we drove off to their house, well my new home.

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