Where Have You Been ? Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

Where Have You Been ?


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Murders. Rituals. The Unknown. Peril. Truth. World War III has ended. Refugees come up with a Capitol to lead them. And for thirty years, a new series of life arose. One of them is New Cica with six districts: Ardum, Zales, Drevind, Catcade, Asdrith, and the well-known Jetkins. Romu Seclin, a 20-year-old independent observer of all who was deprived of his truth, had a series of unexplained nightmares that led him and his colleague to danger. Jetkins District, New Cica. In his journey in finding the answers, something more will be disclosed leading him to cross paths with Elite Officer Astridd Luis. Can they surpass these heart-rending, menacing, and treacherous circumstances brought by Jetkins, New Cica? Will they face the daunting curse of the district?