1 Prologue

Just like them, I have wings.

However, unlike them, I can't fly.

And I look different.Contrasting to their feather covered backs, all have is skin.And while they have sharp talons, I have meaty limbs.

I don't really understand why I'm different, but my mom and siblings are okay with it, so I think it's fine.Mom gives me the same amount of food as everybody else and she still makes sure I'm warm.In fact, she pays extra attention to me, as it's easier for me to get cold.

But no matter what she does, there are somethings she can't change.

When my brother and sister first started learning how to fly, I tried with them.I would step out the nest and frantically flap my wings and hope that wind would catch them, just as it had done for my siblings.

But as the ground would near closer, both me and mom realized I was not them same as my siblings.When she swooped down with a cry and wrapped my waist with her claws as she attempted to bring me back up to the nest is when I really realized how different I was.I was too heavy for her lift back up to nest so my mother, who was unwilling to leave me on the ground alone, spent the night with me as she tried to find a way to get me back up to the nest.

I don't remember how she managed it as I had fallen asleep, but I do remember her worriedly cawing in my ear the next morning.

From then on, I was never allowed to step foot outside the nest again.

However, contrary to my mom's expectations, I still wished to fly and wasn't afraid of heights after that incident.I would always longingly watch my siblings fly around as my mom would advise them by flying at their side.

As my siblings were becoming better and better at flying, my mom would distance herself more and more from me.

I knew it was because she didn't expect me to last long.

But I didn't feel disappointed, after all, why would she waste time on a bird that she didn't have much hope in?

I was merely a bird that had wings, but could not fly.

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