1 Prologue

Thomas Rhodes

The boy who wished he was better, who wished he was the motive of his father's smile, but who knew he was just the reason of his disappointment. The boy who acted like a cocky, uninterested, brave guy, who was really just scared. The boy who wanted to feel something, the boy who wanted to be loved...

Cyra Jones

The girl who felt numb, but acted like a carefree rich girl. The girl who needed to dance until her legs failed or her vision blurred, to feel some pain, some emotion, to actually feel alive. The girl who blamed herself for every bad thing that ever happened to her. The girl who wanted to feel something , the girl who wanted to be loved...

They were both broken beyond repare. They were both surrounded by people, but felt completely alone.

What happens when this two meet? They hate each other. But what will happen when they try do deny the need and attraction that they feel for each other? It's safe to say, that everything changes...

When the two Collide.


It was summer, and summer in Malibu meant fun.

But this summer things were going to change a little bit, because a fresh new face would be arriving and her mother wasn't known for being discreet, meaning everyone would know who they were.

Cyra Jones, the future new face of Malibu, an eighteen years old girl who wanted nothing more than to start over, and who wanted to forget, forget about everything that happened in the past year. Some people called crazy, depressed, or even mad, but she was desperate, desperate to feel something, anything other then pain.

And that's why she was so happy to move, to go to a new place, where nobody actually knows her. A place where she can be free. Free from all the drama, all the baggage and all the stories and rumors that involved hers and her family name.

In this very moment she was arriving with her mother to the place where she would be living from now on, in a big Italian yacht, super extravagant just like her mother liked it, completely black on the outside and wood tones on the inside. Her room in the boat was her favorite place, it was simple, nothing too much, but completely her style, the color palette was black and light brown like the rest of the yacht but with a touch of gold that give the room another light, but the real reason of her preference was the fact that it was the only place on the boat where she could actually dance without to many things in the way. Cyra was a really talented contemporary and ballet dancer, she trained her entire life and couldn't imagine herself without this part of her life, because it was the only thing that prevented her from going completely insane after all the things life had put in her way. And because of that, she spends most of her time dancing.

And that was exactly what she was doing right now, as always.

"Cyra, come here!" The girl heard her mother yell from the bottom floor, wish made her roll her eyes before getting up from the ground, where she had been doing warm up exercises, and turning off the music before going to find the women.

As soon as she entered the living room she saw it, the beach, her new home, and a small smile formed on her face.

"We're here, now go dress something appropriate, we are going to have lunch with the Rhodes family." Her mother told her without looking up from her computer, wish made her miss the questionable look on her daughter's face.

"Who are they?" Cyra asked.

"The most rich and respected family of the region, I've known the Rhode's for a long time and we did some business together." The women replied.

"And we are going to lunch with them right now? We haven't even seen our house yet." Cyra said a little annoyed.

This was the moment her mother looked up and eyed her with a look that said it all, but she still used words, "Stop complaining and go get ready, I'm not going to be disrespected by a teenage girl, and you will be on your best behavior today, understood?" This wasn't a question, and Cyra knew that.

That powerful voice and the cold and ruthless look that always made her freeze in place with her heart racing in her chest was enough to make the girl lower her eyes to the floor as if ashamed of herself, before she nodded and ran to her room to get ready. Thinking...

"New life Cyra, new life..."

Once she entered her room she started getting ready, picking her outfit before laying it down on her bed, going to the bathroom to become the perfectly collected girl her mother wanted her to be.

Cyra got ready really fast, because even if she wasn't very happy that she wouldn't be meeting her new home, she would be meeting new people, maybe new friends, and that got her excited.

She took a quick shower, washing her body with her favourite shampoo, "Cherry Almond", a perfect combination between almond and vanilla. After drying herself with a fluffy white towel, she dressed her new lilac dress, wish contrasted with her tanned skin perfectly. It was a short dress, but long enough to be appropriate like her mother would demand. She applied some make up, just eyeliner, mascara and highlighter, no foundation, because she took really good care of her skin, but a little bit of concealer to cover the dark circles below her eyes from the lack of sleep.

When she finished the details in her hair, wish she braided in two french braids, she exited her room and went to the living room where her mother was already waiting.

"That's the new dress?" Her mother asked while she evaluated her daughter's outfit with her judgmental eyes.

"Yes, it's the one that arrived from New York last week." Cyra answered nervously.

"Ok, it looks good on you." Cassandra replied with her stone cold face. This meant the outfit was approved, wish made Cyra relieved, even if it wasn't good enough to make her mother smile at her.

After this, both women got out of the yacht and a driver was already there to pick them up, most likely under Mr. Rhode's orders.

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