When the two Collide Book

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When the two Collide


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Thomas Rhodes The boy who wished he was better, who wished he was the motive of his father's smile, but who knew he was just the reason of his disappointment. The boy who acted like a cocky, uninterested, brave guy, who was really just scared. The boy who wanted to feel something, the boy who wanted to be loved... Cyra Jones The girl who felt numb, but acted like a carefree rich girl. The girl who needed to dance until her legs failed or her vision blurred, to feel some pain, some emotion, to actually feel alive. The girl who blamed herself for every bad thing that ever happened to her. The girl who wanted to feel something , the girl who wanted to be loved... They were both broken beyond repare. They were both surrounded by people, but felt completely alone. What happens when this two meet? They hate each other. But what will happen when they try do deny the need and attraction that they feel for each other? It's safe to say, that everything changes... When the two Collide. ~~~~~ This book will contain mature scenes, that envolve self harm, sexual content, violence, and drugs Read at your own risk.


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