When the Reader Descends Into the Novel With a System

Author: WorthyAdversary
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This is the author's shameless review! The first 10 chapters will be setting up the background for the story so that there are no plot holes, so try to stick with the story until after the first 10 chapters before dropping. If you guys find any mistakes, just comment on them and I'll fix it in a day. Thanks for reading! Also, if you guys have any questions, just reply to this post and I'll answer them as early as possible, I just won't reveal any spoilers.


Writing Quality: This is so high tier! I don't know what to say. I had expected it to be a newbie author but no, his novels are just underrated. Story Development: In summary, a story about a transmigrator with no memories of his past transmigration but due to his system, he synchronized it with his current transmigration. A unique and new concept, I might add. Character Design: In the early chapters, it was mostly the story narrating the MC so I can't say anything about this other than the MC being a relatable one as he is also a voracious reader. Updating Stability: No problem here. Author updates daily. World Background: It was explained in the prologue. Quite intriguing I might add. A supercontinent that was divided into two for two opposing factions. Nothing wrong here. Overall: An underrated novel. For a moment there, I have mistaken this as written by a top author. There is also no noticeable problem in grammar. I suggest you read it before judging it.


This is a great novel I'd say, author's concept is delving an inspiration into me. I like the world building and the characters seem lovable too with a lot of potential. I love the background especially, the world building, I can't wait for the story to go further and to see how characters relation will affect the world. Good work authot


Hi Worthy! The world background is complex, kudos to you for thinking about the details. The world that you created is very complex and kudos to you for thinking about a lot of details. Unfortunately, you fail at simplifying it in order to allow readers to follow. After 16 chapters, the MC has not done much but I have practically read an essay about Esgardia. Try to spoonfeed your readers with info while focusing on what you want the reader to know at certain points of the plot instead of writing a long essay about Esgardia. It would help extremely to know what is it that the MC is trying to achieve in the end. What went wrong with the original Kurayami's life? What is the MC's general plan? Also I felt that the MC doesn't have much of a consistent character. It is difficult to find him interesting. And you should avoid the POV switches after only a paragraph or two. Try to make a point every time you switch because else why would you switch? Would also help to mention trigger warnings for gore and violence in the summary. Good luck with the novel!!!


kind of boring and streched out not my thing


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It's good, but it lacks descriptive thoughts and more originality, overall it's okay and it really gets better at 11. Nice. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Tbh I don't have the words t describe this absolute masterpiece


The story seems interesting, there is a lot of thought that goes into the characters, updates seem consistent, writing is good, and there is tons of content. I would like to see a bit more description about what the characters look like and on what the setting is like. I'd also like to just see a bit more dialogue among the characters in the beginning. The world building is next level though.


read roughly 60 chapters. it was a good ride and enjoyable. always a sucker for novels where the mc is isekai into it. although this story is quite fast-paced, it's not bad. give it a try


Wow, I'll say a job well done. I won't be able to stop reading this chapters cause am getting addicted to them. The story is quite classic and well structured, truth to be told


The author has put his heart into the work and i really appreciate how he has build the world up. I should mention this there are hardly any typos and the work is quite good.


too good too good too good too good too good too good too good too good too good too good too good too good too good too good too good too good !


Typical start, but interesting nonetheless. I loved that you worked with first person narrative, since it made reading and understanding the novel easier for me. Especially with all the info and sudden information... Still good tho[img=recommend][img=recommend]


This story is promising. Though I don't read transmigration stuff, but I find this interesting. The author has a nice writing pace, though I've only read a few chapters but the character development is good...and then the world building!!! It's top-notch! Though info-dumping exists in the first chapter, nevertheless, the author did a great job🖤


You do a good job and you have talent, but you need to develop the descriptive aspect of your game. You also have trouble with the Show Vs Tell. It's nothing time and experience won't fix


The author's world-building is some of the best I have read in the past few months. Their plot setup is also perfect. The first-person perspective was a breath of fresh air I don't see often.


If you're even remotely interested in systems and world building then you HAVE GOT to give this a shot! This novel is tons of fun to read! The English is perfect, the author obviously went through many sleepless nights while imagining the story in his head then writing it into perfection, highly recommended!


This novel is good so far with an interesting and unique concept. It also offers a break from the 3rd person experience of most fantasy novels. It is the only 1st person novel I have seen in a long while.