3 Either die completely or live completely

"I said open the door bitch or we'll break it , I will count till three" I didn't responded ,


I was really afraid now , I could easily stood up and opened it but something inside me was saying ' be sited ' so I didn't moved .


What if they really would have broken the door to get in ? I wanted to run farther but neither my legs were supporting nor my mind . Demons were there in front of me and god knows what was behind me , I just knew that I was completely isolated some where , where I was surrounded with complete darkness , I wanted to stand up and do something but who knows where my legs would have lead me ?

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That was the end , as my heart beat raced faster I brought my knees in front pressing my chest and buried my face between them . Second thing I heard was a noisy bang and with the arrival of the sound I closed my eyes in fear and I kept it like that for few longer minutes but when I opened my eyes after hearing several more bangs , the door was still closed .

"You know where you are right bitch ? even if we spare you , the ghost with whome you are right now is not going to let you stay in his house for long time" one of them reminded me that I was not alone in the house .... ' Waite , what ? have I by chance stepped foot in that haunted house about which I have heard neumerious rumors ? ' this thought made a cold wave cross my spine with a sudden shiver in my veins which made me burry my face between knees while closing my eyes once again .

Its not like I believed in ghosts or in any super natural creature because I never trusted in existence of something which I haven't seen via my own eyes or haven't felt on my own skin but I also haven't seen Giza Pyramid with my own eyes and that doesn't means that pyramid didn't exist . All though I never believed in rumors regarding that house but that night with the thought of ' not being

alone ' I was scared like hell and I don't like to admit this truth .

Most of us believe in God and many of us may think that ghost doesn't exist because we haven't encountered them , but when something positive exists then there is also a probability of something negative's existence .

And secondly it was my luck which we are talking about and it will not take much time to handover me to another danger after saving me from one danger no matter how hard I beg for just one mercy .

"I think that Bitch is already dead inside by now , it's okay bitch , keep your self locked inside , we can Waite to have you tomorrow let the ghost enjoy you today" I could feel the anger in their tone after not being capable of breaking the door ,

"Goodbye darlin , we are leaving today but we'll make sure to hunt you tomorrow you can't save yourself from our hands better you keep that in mind" after one last warning they left that place .

Yes right , if not today they will hunt me tomorrow for sure and if not tomorrow then may be day after tomorrow so how long am I going to lock myself indoors ? , Asking for help from police of this town was useless coz according to me they were just watchmen in the uniform of cops and how long could I stay at that place ? if those rumors about the owner of this mension are true then may be this is the last day of my life .

But I was sure about one thing that if I continue taking shelter at this place temporarily just for one night then I may die but that death will be respectful at least , my body and soul will remain untouched at least , this will be a death of my wish at least and if I open the the door and surrender myself to them then I will get a reverse result of everything I mentioned above , I may survive but that life will be equal to death , my soul will die my inner self will be destroyed . So I chose to go on with first option .

Eather Die completely or live completely ....

Since I couldn't see anything I decided to remain in the position in which I already was ,

I was scared as well as tired of running and also thirsty not only that .... actually the place was empty and huge may be that's why I was also shivering due to the cold winds which were in direct contact with my bare skin , I don't know if those chunks had left for real or they were just threatening me but I couldn't hear any further commotion made by them so the last action I performed was joining my hands , clutching my fingers together and muttering a prayer ... but not to the god .

"Dear ghost of this mension , let me borrow your sympathy just for this night I promise as the sun will shine I will leave this place but if today I dare to step my foot out then vultures will tear my flesh" that prayer was for devil who must be was around me but thankfully did not bothered to appear .

With those last few words I closed my eyes before sighing and fell asleep as I realized that my legs were somehow paralysed ..

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