When The Double Faces Prince meets The Tomboy.
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When The Double Faces Prince meets The Tomboy.


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What is When The Double Faces Prince meets The Tomboy.

Read When The Double Faces Prince meets The Tomboy. novel written by the author FanaIsWerid101 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Realistic Fiction stories, covering romance, comedy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


"Hey, dumbass, watch where you are stepping." That shortie looked at me as he was preparing me dinner. "Huh?" The next thing I knew is that I had stepped on a piece lego block that I had no idea where the hell it came into my apartment, wait did I said IT WAS MY ATPARTMENT?!! "HAUSBAINSIAKAKNSKZKANAKNXKXNXJXIANSJKAOWKSKS!!!!!" I cursed. "Why the hell is this lego block was in here in the first place, shortie?! What kind of care taker are you, fucker?!!!" Scolding him, I throw that lego block at him. "Ara? Are you pretending to be an idiot or you are maybe are an idiot, dumbass? It was my job to bring something to 'entertain' you, idiot. That's why I place that lego shits over there. If some of the pieces fell out, you can pick it up and place it back where it belongs. Or perhaps you needs me to teach you something as basic as that, dummy~?" He smirked at me. "Ugh....fuck you, Yoshida...." "Yea, fuck you too, Matsumoto Kazuki. Quit sulking and help me with this laundry of yours, Kazu-baka." Once again, he mocked me endlessly. And so...that is how my misrable life is about to begin after that old man of mine assigned him as my care taker.


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