1 Chapter One

I was strolling through the streets is boosted up high. "Now here is our wealther report. Today sunny 89° to 91° in Florida" And I smiled as the day was bright. Everyone seems to be happy how great the weather was out. So I called my girlfriend Luis and asked, "Hey honey wanna go to the beach?" Its funny when I was heading back home someone was getting arrest with a sign saying 'end of the world' on it. Later as i was getting closer EAS alert corrupted my radio for a short message. As the ear bleeding beeps are going off. "We stop your program for important message". And I looked down and back up. "Damn are we having another Hurricane?" I said while i looked around but nothing was actually happening. I have notice people was getting sweaty though. And I was feeling warm, even though my air conditioner was on. The long beep finishes. "We interrupt your program for these couple messages. It appears we are having a heat wave that leads to 120° with 90° of humidity, Please remain inside with your air conditioner on" it said then had done its 3 beeps. I pull in the drive way and i turn off the car. I try to take off my seat belt. As i touch it. The seat belt buckle had burned the tip of my fingers. "Shit" I yelped. I take it off and walked inside. Luis asked "Hey honey are we going to the beach?" then I sat down gave off a sigh. "No, The alert system had told us to stay inside." I answered, And she walked to me and hugged my shoulders. "We'll be able to make up for that tomorrow". She said to comfort me. I grab the controller, And turn on the TV. The News was on. "We have been reported with 50 cases of people having 2 degree burns on their feet. We might be having our first dangerous Heat wave." I looked at Luis. She had a quiet gasp as she makes eye contact with me. "Oh my gosh that's insane". I looked back as the New lady continues after yapping about the heat. "Wait- We are getting more reports of people Dying at the beach since the sand is melting their feet!" And a red message was crossing the bottom of the screen. With the next EAS alert. "We have been noted with another alert. We'll let them give the message right now.." The entire screen turns black. And the same Alert message appears but with something far more. "We interrupt your program. Please stand by for further notice" Then the beeps are going off. Luis looked at me while she comes closer to the coach. "We have been reported local warning, The heat is rising through many states reporting of many peoples deaths. And some people bubbling up, and melting. Please follow these instructions, Stay inside and have air conditioner on, And drink water once and a while". Later it went out dismissing itself and said it'll keep us updated.

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