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when she meets him


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Anu was sitting in the waiting hall of the City Hospital and waiting for number,there she met him for the first time...Sanju who was on his way to therapy room...their eyes met but they retracted as soon as they saw each other....that's how they met for the first time.... . . . . . Sanju..."babe ,it's been already 8years and you still don't know how to kiss properly. " Anu....."it's not like I was practicing how to kiss all these years..hmph" . . . . Anu is a normal girl that you can find within yourself ,who struggled ,fought and got what she want.Join me to find out how she rose from a normal high school girl to world renowned Scientist. Neither the FL nor ML has something extraordinary..(just normal couple) This is my first Story. English isn't my first language so..please do forgive my mistakes and guide me through . Cover page isn't mine,I just did some editing according to my preferences.


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