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A gripping story of two different people and their culture. (A romance that literally sparks). After Alexandra Johnson got an admission into Hanyang University, all she imagined it would be isn’t exactly how it was. There is a lot more to the college than she thought....Her life changed when she met Baek Ha Joon (an antisocial senior) “He is a devil” His old roommate had reported before he left. “I heard he had a rough childhood, that is the reason for his cold behavior... he doesn’t talk to anyone” =========== It all started when he made a weird proposal to her, to be his fake girlfriend for a while, to avoid all the attention he get from girls. Alexandra didn’t want to be used so she decided she would help him only if he accept to do one thing that seemed impossible for him. “I want you to be nice to people” said Alexandra. Will the mean senior that is so desperate to stop the attention he get, accept her proposal? Will his mentality change when the outgoing foreigner (Alexandra) enters his life. Will he be able to tear down his walls and make his heart come alive again? Will he able to handle the hidden truth about his family. What about the jealousy? The hatred? Racism? Will he always be there when life throws obstacles at her? AUTHOR’S NOTE - Hello I am Kimmy, the Author Thank you for the support and I hope you are enjoying this novel of mine. I release chapter daily and please don’t forget to add my book to your library and give me daily POWERSTONES for more support... thank you.


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