1 Positive Focus

"Use it. If the world gives you darkness, light a candle. It is in our disposition where we can see ourselves wearing the outlook that we want even in difficult times. Who knows, something beautiful has to come." - Author -

Adamant. Though I can exactly touch the brink of the window, sensing the thoughtless air to serenade my soul and imbibing the rustling of leaves outside of the said panoramic view. How is it loving a space when you don't see it?

The phone rang outside.

No one's at the receiving area so she slowly rushed and picked it up by just following the source of sound.

"Luna! Benjie and your parents met an accident! sorry to say, you've lost them. I'll be on my way there." Daphne, her bestfriend said.

She was about to explode.

"My family who solely loved and took good care of me even after I was diagnosed of an exotic disease called trachoma while volunteering abroad. I was dead when they picked me up and back to this room.

I will not panic. I've died and so this is another part of purgatory. Their death will be doubly fouled if I put this an ergo. I don't have tears, they are highly contagious. If I start crying now, my morose mode could run as long as one month and I can be in contact with the remaining people of my life. Shame on me if they can acquire this due to my carelessness. No. I will not bereave nor dive in tears, my little brother Benjie and parents won't like it, wherever they are right now - peace be with them."

She went to the kitchen to get some water, her airways were suffocated by pain. But on her way, the chair was dislodged, the TV's remote control fell and she accidentally bumped on a rag that made her roll on the second floor. There's a blood she smelled from her head when Daphne arrived."


"Stop there Daphne! get the protective gear first." She yelled heavily despite dizziness.

"Yeah, for a while." After minutes she hopped on the stairs and picked her up. There's bloodstains on the floor that caused Daphne to worry.

She assisted her back to her room and sighed.

" Ahh! huhuhu! this must not be! Luna! Luna! this is terrible...what a bad timing, I should have brought you to my new assignment in Masbate, but my flight would be tomorrow. Ah, this musn't be! why you're not crying! you cry Luna! its very painful!"

But Luna was very still. She just hold the gauze that Daphne put on her head with gloves on her hands.

"I cannot cry Daphne, you know that. If I start crying, it would take days to stop it so I used to carry the new normal way of grieving - by being still. By the way, let's cremate them. I'll give to you the authorization and medical clearance. Their ashes will I mix with soil and plant with bonsai trees and bring it here, on my window.

" Huhuhu! Luna..." Daphne cried but Luna let her write an authorization letter quickly and she signed it.

Thank you Daphne. You may go now.

" Luna...ah! I wanted to bring you at home. You know the small room...."

Enough. You know my answer already.

" My God, please help me! I don't know what to do now." Then Luna was left alone. But before Daphne proceeded to the hospital and the crematorium she first cooked some food for Luna while crying.

I sighed deeply with countless poses fronting outside the window.

" I shall continue to live and even if it hurts - in God's accord through my efforts, I shall live again."

"Hushhhh! a huge sound pulled her heavily and landed in a dim space, cranking with a metal noise.

The noise seems to grind her eardrum and compressed her heart. After a while, there was a sudden element blasted in front of her; the big yoke opened and she saw a man getting out.

" Hi! I'm not an alien. Just a space traveler, I'm Cotax, 30, from District 7 of this place in the year 3026. But before I reached 3026, I originated in 1912 and still lived in this place where once a barrio. I was taken by an alien Zato and taught well with science, so interesting! I was an experimental tool and did well so I was given a reward. The reward was wealth,all precious stones but I did not accept it all. They asked if what would I want, I said, " I wish to see my future, and fix my damaged extremities. In short, I had to live again.

Then I preferred to stay in 3026 because my laboratory became in demand with the prodigy scientists. However, your strong energy was programmed like someone important in the future so I think of visiting you or you may go with me in time traveling."

" I'll go with you."

" Good!" So come here, this is our time traveler machine. Just push the green button and your chair will clutch while the light would swallow you in the speed of light

" Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" She screamed.

Then there was silence.

" Where am I?"

" You're still in your place but in year 3026. Tomorrow, your eyes will be operated by great surgeons around. Next day, you can see your paintings again." Cotax smirked.

"Wow! I'm very excited! Thank you very much."

" Luna! I will lead you to your capsuled room, there's no classic bedroom already in the year 3026 so whatever you need just press the button and your virtual Assistant will be of service.

They walked in a very long alley and met along the way a few robots with names on their chest and its company name logo with a mark LUNA LABORATORY as she missed seeing them.

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" You can't believe what you just saw, right?" Cotax queried.

"Yeah! HOPE. I see it."

" Haha! that's more than better." He funnily feedback.

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