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When Legends Descend


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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang a multiplayer online battle arena mobile game developed and published by Shanghai Moonton Technoloy. The game has become popular in Southeast Asia at this time. Ahn Chi Eun, a thirty year old veteran player at this game suffered betreyal. The game was introduced to him by their professor during their class. Without any intentions in playing the game, he didn't invovle himself in this matters. However, after college graduation, not only does he wasted his splendid looks but also became poor. When he was born, his parents abandone him for nothing. Hence, no one took care of him at his broken times. One day, he heard that playing MLBB can also earn you money by doing streams at youtube or even at twitch. He was so broke that time that he could only take the risk. Be a pro, or die. Because of his determination to earn money and live more, he became one of the best players in the game. Thousands of money and even game diamonds came into his possession. However, this all came to an end when his best friend, Park Mu Bin decided to kill him and take his account. Considering their friendship, he didn't believe that Park Mu Bin could do this. But, there are only two of them in that room when he murdered him. He thought he will die, however, he fortunately woke up when he is still eighteen, in second year of college. A miracle indeed, he grabbed this chance to rise again in the industry. Using his million-battle experience, he once again rose to stardom with his favorite hero on his side- Fanny. Accompany Chi Eun as he outsmart his enemies and beat his opponents. Soaring through the gaming world, he will rise to the limelight and grab all prizes. ... "Haha! What a noob, doesn't even have a skin of the hero he's playing." An arrogant tone greated him. This man is one of the best players in their Academy and also a rich brat. Without minding this, he took his phone and started the game. He first bought a jungling equipment to fasten the process of killing the Reaper. After killing it, he earned the buff that would help him conserve his energy. He hit the heal button and clicked the second skill pointing it to the farthest wall it can reach. At the way, he encountered his oponent so he turned mid air and spammed his opponent on the wall leaving him no chance to scape. "First Blood." Bold words were dispayed on the screen of his phone while a girl's voice accompanied it. Hi opponent's face turned sour as he just suffered humiliation. Chi Eun's face revealed a mocking expression before he laughed gently. His eyes sharpened as he stared at the man infront of him. "Show your skills, not your skins."