When I laid My Eyes On You Book

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When I laid My Eyes On You


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Castiel is a man of few words. He prefers to stay quiet, and hates loud noises. He is a man blessed with a mysterious halo. His family is noble and rich. His business is booming and successful. He is also handsome and Charismatic, Truly the son of heaven. but Something went wrong. He suddenly died. He was stabbed. Then died. However, There's no heaven nor hell. Just a vast darkness stretching far beyond he could see. Filled with confusion, Castiel cursed. Dying Wasn't Enough? He remained at limbo. Stuck and unable to reincarnate. Then, he suddenly heard a mechanical voice in his head. [I am System 25, also known as Guardian System. Congratulations to host for binding to this System. Please, be the guardian of those who were oppressed and unjustly punished. Save the true son of heaven, and punish those who seeks death. Prepare yourself, Host. Launching in 3...2...1...]


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