When I fall Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

When I fall


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Rowan lives a peaceful life, working on her farm raising her sheep, goats, ducks and chickens. She hasn't been interested in a relationship for years but after a little pushing from her best friend Madi, she decides it's time to get back out on the dating seen. Only she has no idea that the hot as fuck bar owner of Lou's has had a crush on her for 6 months since he has moved to town. Kade has been interested in Rowan since he first seen her around town. Her bright rainbow hair, piercings and tattoos along with her no fucks to give attitude just call to him. But when he finds out she's not interested in dating he decides to stand back till she is ready. Over heading her telling her friend she is ready to start dating again, Kade decides to go for the woman of his dreams. Will Kade and Rowan end up together? Or will the past and present keep them apart?