1 Chapter 1 The End of the World Would Come 24 Hours Later

December 31, 2021.

"The end of the world is only 24 hours away."

The first thing Jack did after getting up every day was to stare at the calendar on the wall with a heavy face.

"Time is running out. It must all be finished today!"

Then Jack left the room and walked quickly to the basement.

He was going to continue to complete the construction of his refuge.

Jack had spent three months on it, and today he had to finish the construction.

Because 24 hours later, the doomsday would come to the earth.

Jack had experienced all the terrible disasters after the apocalypse came to the earth, and he even lost his life in it.

But he was reborn.

And traveled to three months before the apocalypse.

Therefore, Jack started to build a refuge to resist all kinds of disasters after the advent of the apocalypse!

After entering the basement, the refuge which took three months to build was almost complete.

The restroom, entertainment room, bathroom, water storage pool, three storerooms, and power room had all been completed.

Although the space was very compact, it had everything it should have.

Jack was satisfied that he could make it in three months.

Now, Jack only needed to move the two generators he bought into the power room and finish laying the cables in each room.

Finally, the iron gate at the entrance was welded. The construction of the refuge was completed.

Jack calculated the time roughly, and he would finish the work by this evening.

And the rest of the time he could replenish some food and other supplies.

In this way, he could stay in this refuge, waiting for the doomsday to come tomorrow.

Jack's phone rang.

"Hi, Tom. Have you arrived yet? I'll be right there."

It was Jack's friend, Tom, who brought the two generators to him.

When they got back upstairs, Tom's truck was parked outside.

"I've brought you the two generators you want. Come and move them with me. They are too heavy!"

Tom was a tall and strong man with neat short yellow hair and a very straightforward personality. He is a very good friend of Jack.

"These generators are heavy, at least 150 kilograms, right? But it must be of good quality!"

They took a lot of trouble to move the first generator into the power room in the basement.

"I haven't been here for a long time. Why is your basement like this?"

As soon as Tom entered the basement, he looked around curiously.

"Yes, for the end of the world."

Jack replied in a serious tone.

After his rebirth, he had warned his friends that the end of the world was coming, but no one believed it.

They all thought Jack was just kidding.

Now, Tom couldn't help bursting into laughter again when he heard Jack's words.

"My friend, I didn't expect you to spend so much time building this fortress-like basement just for the end of the world. No wonder you need generators, even two. But isn't it good outside now?"

Tom questioned Jack with a smile.

Jack was so used to Tom's reaction that he didn't want to explain more.

"Come on, let's move the other one. I'm very busy today."

"Okay, just I also have urgent matter later."

Then they went back upstairs and began to move the second one.

The reason Jack needed two generators was to keep one as a backup, just in case.

After carrying generators, Tom hurried off to leave.

"Tom, come to my house tonight? I just got some new games here. I heard they are good."

Jack stopped Tom and said to him.

The refuge was not big, but it was enough to accommodate them, so Jack wanted to call Tom here as well.

But Tom waved his hand and refused.

"I have an important date tonight. No game is more important than that. So next time."

Without waiting for Jack's response, Tom was left without looking back.

Jack had no choice but to continue to install the electric generation and cable as planned.

It was already three o'clock in the afternoon when all the power in the refuge was on.

Jack now only needed to install the iron gate at the entrance to complete the doomsday refuge.

The gate was very thick and heavy, but because of the hydraulic structure, it was easy to open and merge.

Soon Jack found the tools and began to weld the iron door.

More than an hour later, the welding was finally completed.

"My refuge has succeeded!"

Jack exclaimed excitedly.

But then Jack heard a strange electronic sound in his mind.

"Ding! Congratulations, you have reached the trigger condition. The Doomsday Survival System was activated"

"The system has been activated successfully!"

"The system is binding to this refuge..."

"Successfully bound!"

"What? Doomsday Survival System?"

While Jack was stunned, a translucent panel appeared in front of him.


"Area: 100 m."

"Defense level: Lv.0."

"Material reserve situation: normal."

"System notes: this refuge is reasonable, but the space is narrow and the building material is too ordinary. It is difficult to withstand the doomsday disaster."

"I know the space is narrow, but time is not enough!"

Jack felt helpless and frustrated when he saw the last message on the panel.

"Congratulations! You've got the system's newbie bonus pack: 10000 survival points."

"Survival points can be used to upgrade your refuge, and the longer you survive in the doomsday, the more survival points you will get."

"Upgrade my refuge?"

Jack wondered how the survival points would upgrade his refuge.

At this moment.

Jack noticed that when he looked at the iron gate in front of him, several more options appeared on the translucent panel.

"A heavy iron gate!"

"Upgradeable direction:"

"1. Titanium alloy fire-resistant insulated door, survival point cost: 200."

"2. Titanium alloy fire-resistant insulated door plus lifting system, survival point cost: 300."

It wasn't just the iron gate. Wherever Jack looked in the refuge, and some options can be upgraded.

Including walls, floors, power system, and various refuge facilities.

"Pretty good!"

Jack exclaimed when he saw these upgrade options.

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