When Badboy meets Angel Book

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When Badboy meets Angel


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Speaking of vows , Justine was completely unprepared, who would ever thought this wedding would definitely happen anyway? The bride done with her vows. .fuck. its my turn.. He look at the ring hesitantly and look at her blankly and for the first time in his life he felt that unacceptable rumbling in his stomach ,nervousness, awkwardness in front of this less than hundred guest Waiting for him to say his vow.. he let out a deep breath. ..what the fuck .. " Take this as a symbol of my loyalty, I will not promise to make you comfortable and happy but I will do the best way I can, as long as I am here ,I will keep you safe with me." He is not really sure if that is quite a sensible vow but atleast he is certain that it was the most honest words he could afford to say at the moment.He can't lie, thats the best thing he could offer. when the priest announces to kiss the bride , he gently lifted the thin mesh fabric covering angela's face, she was staring at the floor that moment so he tried to touch her chin so she could meet his gaze, He felt something wierd in his stomach,but he was determine to just shrug it off.. So he gave her a quick peck of kiss on her lips .she saw her bite her lower lip, he definitely look away . He could feel something wrong on his chest with that view. And when she hold on his arms. He keeps cursing on his mind.. What the fuck, she's soft and fucking warm.. ..shut the hell up fucking brain!!..


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