1 The start of with wishes


Alex was just a normal kid. He didnt reallt do much with his life. He juat liked reading LN's and watching animes. He always dreamed of gettong isekaied one day.

[some dude chillin on his bed]

hmmm. I kinda wanna start writing some LN's. The ones that exist are kinda boaring or the good ones always cancel.

lemme. Think. Imma do a good one now lets go kill a dude with a bus and say its an accident.

[back to alex]

School os pretty boring I want something fun.

He looks on the floor and saw a $100 on tbe floor. He runs to pick it up.


[in a white room]

alex: where the hell did that truck come from.

*spends five minutes realizing what happend*

alex: OMG!! I got isekaid.

In the white room there is only a door. He walks slowly to it and opens it.

he sees a dude in his underwear watching anime.

author: oh, you have arrived.

alex: uhmmm, i dont think you are god are you?

author: ofcourse I am, but you can just call me author. You will be the protagonist of my first LN so. I guess you know the rest.

alex was lost in thought. He was super confused. Apearently he was in a book.

alex: ok. So i kinda understand the situation now. So how we gonna do this. Do I get wishes or something?

author: I was gonna give you some wishes and see how it goes but I think that will eventually be boring. So I was thinking of giving you some wishes and of things get boring we can get more stuff. Or you could just tell me. So go on think of some wishes.

Alex was brain storming. Ok, so he wants entertainment so if I get some cool stuff maybe i could get extra stuff.


alex: ok, i have some in mind.

- 1. Superman powers but cranked up loke no kryptonite weakness. And let me use magic.

-2. Let me use any type of energy like mana, ki, qi, etc. make them all the same like origin energy. Make the solar energy from superman be used like this.

-3. I want my own dimention that growns with me. make me omnipotent in it.

-4. ability to go to ither worlds.

-5. a system that has basically anything.

alex: thats all i can think of rite now.

author: excellent, ok now pick your world and appearance.

alex: i want to go to MHA to get used to my power and put me in a rich family. I also want to look like superboy or young superman with nice muscles but not too much.

author: ok, bye bye. I left a little surprise and imma contact you with the system.

alexs view faded.



this really my first fanfic and im doing it cz i was bored. tnx for reading.