When Arrogance Clash
novel - Contemporary Romance

When Arrogance Clash


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What is When Arrogance Clash

When Arrogance Clash is a popular web novel written by the author MK20, covering Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 11.3K readers . The novel is completed and can be read all 82 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


We are all used to a poor naive girl falling for a rich billionaire CEO guy kind of romance stories, what if the tables turned and we get to see a rich CEO lady falling for a young janitor "When Arrogance Clash," is about that kind of love story but with a twist. Cedrian is a young half hispanic handsome man with dreams of getting away from his home village and making it big. One day his cousin in America finds him a job in one of the biggest cosmetic companies, for him to start a new life but unknowingly a beautiful young CEO of the company falls for him, Will he fall for her too? Or will he land his hands on the biggest opportunity of a lifetime or will he stick to his principles of making it from scratch and ignore her? Please follow me on this journey of cat and mouse until the end.

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I'm a hopeless romantic , I love romance and this book makes it even better by adding a bit of fun in it... for once I am happy to see a strong female CEO as lead. This is so refreshing. Beautifully crafted story , once you start reading it , it draws you in and you keep wanting for more. Good job author , kudos!! This book is highly recommended. ❤️❤️🥂


A refreshing read. It has a different twist than the usual romance we see. And having a male character as the main made the story more interesting. Thanks, Author!


I love how hard working the ml is. I also love that the plot of the story is different from the normal romance stories we usually see. The author has done a good job in the storyline and it is very interesting.


Very refreshing, fun to read and I really love how the characters interact with each other. Chapter one is already very interesting and I can't wait to read more!!


This book is five star for me! Oh goodness... I've been laughing like crazy reading each chapters. Definitely worth the read and highly recommended! Love the positivity and the unique storyline. Great job author! Minor typo can be fixed. 👏👏👏


I'm not the kind of person who would simply stop by to read any love story I find, but I have to say that the title caught my attention, right after reading more and more of this story, I can't simply get enough of it, a wonderful book, the author did a great job!


I love how well the story flows reading its synopsis you could already tell that it was a very great story. I'm a fan of a romance genre even if that's a book or drama. Well done author👏👏👏


Wow author. I love this. This is so different from the others and this time i get to see a rich girl falling for a janitor. I am so in love with this and I'll like to see the end. Good work author 👍


It's something new and different. I like your writing skills and the story behind the story itself. Great work author! Continue writing more amazing chapters.


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