When Alpha created Omega
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When Alpha created Omega


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What is When Alpha created Omega

When Alpha created Omega is a popular web novel written by the author NoahSky, covering OMEGAVERSE, LOVEHATE, ADVENTURE, OMEGAMALE, HUMOR, WERE-WOLF ALPHA, ROMANCE, TRADITIONAL, R-18, ALPHA FEMALE, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 21.7K readers with an average rating of 4.7/5 and 18 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 29 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Future alpha Iven of Rustic pack is Slowly losing her patience and mental stability while desperately looking for her mate. Determined to over come anyone and everyone's judgement of her, She knows deep down that her place is at the head of the pack. With a strong mate at her side to help lead she has no doubt with time she will succeed. Proud of her strong female status she's just sure her mate will be able to handle all she has to give. Many trials and heart ache may come before she learns to love who the moon goddess decided to bless her with.

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Great book to read! This is my first time reading about werewolves, so your book made a first good impression on me about it! Just a few grammar errors, and there could be more description that lets the reader know the main character is female. Other than that, I like it very much!! Added to library to look for improvements!


A book I would like to keep following. Great novel. Looking forward to more updates from the author Definitely adding this to my library. Kudos to the author. 👍


Interesting story, I love how you describe things and write the inner thoughts of the main character. Straight romance and female lead isn’t my thing, but the first person POV makes me forgot the gender of the charater and lets me get immerse in the story until it is reminded that she is female. Your problems lie in grammar. You have mistakes in not using punctuations when needed, misspelled words and confusing wording, and spacing with a few words and dialogue. I would try to put this through grammarly (it works well, I like using it), to fix those mistakes. Other than that, keep up the good work!


Love the book, all the characters, story development, your writing style.... But pretty much if you put werewolfs anywhere I will read it. Looking forward to morw


The story is nice. It keeps on making you continue reading and going on... I get it how things will be when you are an alpha.. It brings me into imagining... I'm not much of a fan of werewolves but it was nice reading it. I would continue reading it !! :) You are doing a great job, just a few little errors but, I guess that is okay and understandable !! Keep it up !! (wink) :)


The book is totally my style, I'm a huge fun for werewolf stories. Not to mention the plot of the story is way to interesting, I do really adore everything about this book .. hope You keep updating more chapters 😍


This book is truly a hidden gem! I have been looking for so long for a book to properly suck me into its world. This author does a wonderful job of crafting the world background and the characters' development within it. Although there are a few spelling errors (which let us be honest what book doesn't) they do not take away from how great the story is. Each chapter leaves you wanting to know what happens next. Well done author!


Nice story there but I would advise, you proofread your work and remove the typos. Otherwise, the story flows nicely. Like the concept as well as the narration. Keep up the good work.


I have only read up to chapter 6, and my review is based on the first 6. Story wise, not bad. I never read a female alpha before so it's interesting and how she had to be mate-less initially. I think you might need to edit some to make it easier to read so readers could enjoy it more. Keep on writing and may your story reaches others ☺


I just recently bumped and read this story and I say this is kind of underrated with bigger potential. Well written and deserve to get a full five star! If you are looking for a story with romantic vibe, don't hesitate and start reading this now. I like this book, and hope the author won't just drop it like the others. The more I read it, the more I want to finish it. Hope the author constantly update its chapter. ❤️❤️


Let's start ; •I can easily discern the names of the characters. I love how you named them and their characteristics eg personalities especially the lead. I thought she was a male, and with that thought, I was about to put off the novel since I do not like to read ML novels, but at second thought, the novel itself is very good, so even if it has a Male lead [ which I thought at first read ] makes me read it although out continuously. Editing is needed [ everybody needs that ] but all in all, your novel will work well in the market, especially fantasy genre. The way you've describe what happen, setting etc. is really good too, [ but sometimes I got bored in reading too longgg something like that, but don't take it too heart. The problem is -me ] I must say this novel is a must read. (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤


I really like your plot, it is so intriguing and I was totally inmersed from the beginning. and that's great. I am really loving the story. I suggest that you do some editing as there are grammatical errors that I noticed and they may cut the flow of the story. Overall, it is a worth reading and I really hope for more updates. Keep up with the good work author! I will keep it in my library! 😊


Reveal spoiler


Hi! It's a very interesting story. And thid is my favorite genre to read. Keep up the good work Author!Fighting and Keep on writing!:) And I love how the characters deal with each other.


usually not one for romantic ones but yours is great added it to my library gonna read it all soon. keep it up your gonna do great things with your book


It's my first time reading werewolves story and about omegaverse. I love how the author writes the descriptions and points out characters distinct personality (strong points). Keep on going! Really good story.


Very good writing! I always love BL and wolves, combine both of them and you'll get this! This is potential! Author, keep up the good work! Much loveee!


Could use some editing and maybe a few word changes here and their. You have a good story line and interesting characters. Excited for updates.


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