1 She meets Pinky

Kristen Flynn heave in frustration. She's been standing in front of the gate for 25 minutes...


Acer can't change his manners. He is always late.

The reason is she is waiting for her boyfriend before going the bus takes off. Actually, she's been early so they aren't going to be late. It is the day of their tour. They are going to multiple places. But what shes looking forward to is that she's with his boyfriend.

But Acer Lee is not there yet. She keeps calling her boyfriend, but he didn't even pick a single call from her. Just what is he busy of? She thought.

Kristen is the pretty and quiet type of girl, timid and almost a nerd. She is dressed simply for that tour. A knee length dress and an umbrella in her backpack, she's more than ready to go.

"Ms. Flynn, why are you still there?" Ms. Gou said, the tour adviser.

"I'm still waiting for someone Miss." she answered and tried her best to smile. The teacher seem to be seated and convince by that fake smile that she soon turned around to go back inside the bus.

'Goddammit, where are you Acer?' she can't help but to curse.

And who wouldn't be worried? She's a loner. A timid and quiet person, and the only company she will have is her boyfriend which is also her classmate. How will she be able to join that trip if the reason why she is going isn't even there?

She sighed frustratedly and combed her hair back. Then after a little while of pondering she opened her phone and messaged him.

Where are you?

Are you still going?

Hey I need you here.

You only have 10 minutes to get here, are you still going?

She bombarded him with all the possible messages that she could think off, anxiety is taking over her. She swear, if he isn't going, then she will also cancel this tour. She won't be able to interact with her classmates because of her unique personality. It will just me a lonely and sad trip stihout him so why still bother?

She still waited a little bit more.

Just a little bit more. And then if he still doesn't show up, she will leave and go back home to sleep all day.

Then there he is. He came. But not what she's expecting.

Beside him a cute and pretty guy. His arms were pushing him by the shoulder and he seems to be arguing with him as the cutie wants to stop walking and go back to where he came from.

"Acer." she had called him.

He looked up to her, in the distance she saw that familiar goofy grin in his face. The grin who teased her and tried to ruin her mood, but she ignored him all the time.

"Come here Pinky..." he whispered to the small guy beside him.

"Krist, this is Pinky, my new roommate at the dorm." he said with the same grin.

"My name is not Pinky! I'm Beam! Beam Shizuki." the cute guy retaliated like a mad rabbit which made her smile and chuckle. His face is red and he's fuming. He's so cute. Almost like a white rabbit. So small, and pretty.

Acer held her hand and introduced her to him.

"Pinky, this is Kristen, my girlfriend."

She smiled at the cute guy in front of her. "You're cute." she said in a carefree manner and chuckled. She didn't immediately noticed the man beside her which is eyeing him suspiciously.

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"What about me, babe?" he asked flirtly while draping his hands over her shoulder.

"You're not cute." she teased him while pinching his nose. He pouted his thin cherry lips like a kid which made her giggle.

He had always been the reason why she got her confidence. He did everything to show her all the best things about her. He thought her to love herself or else she will never learn to love others. And he succeeded.

The Kristen also known as the straight face girl wa sout of her shell, fluttered her wings and became a beautiful butterfly.

They all boarded the bus and the bus took off. The students all shouted when the seemingly perfect couple entered the bus while holding hands.

The guy is an all around badboy while the girl is dubbed as the Straight faced queen who is very cold and intimidating. How they got along with each other is still unknown.

A very interesting couple indeed.

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