1 chapter 1:yoongi


yoongi:ah!! *falls


Mr sun:AND DONT EVER COME BACK!!! *close the door

yoongi: *sigh*

yoongi:*in mind:at least I'm on my way to a new world

~a few min later~

yoongi:great its night time

yoongi:great I have no money thanks alot Mr sun you just made my day πŸ˜‘

???:um hello


???:can you show me where town is I'm a little lost here

yoongi:sure I guess but do you want me to move

???:oh no I just need you to show me

yoongi:oh okay

*they both walked around to find town but they ended up in a dead end*


???:what's worng

yoongi:the town was right here

???:so I guess were lost then

yoongi:no just follow me

bully:your not going no were


bully:haha well lets see isn't time for your bedtime punks


bully:why dont you meet my two friends

*two weredogs come out


yoongi:stay back or I will attack

bully:attack them

*the weredogs attack yoongi

*yoongi kicks them and bites them

*one of the weredogs fell

bully:Get up!!!

*the weredog didn't get up

*the bully kicks yoongi

yoongi:Ah!! *falls in pain*

???:uses magic*

bully:ha your magic is weak

someone come out of nowhere and attacks the bully with green magic

jimin dad:now why dont you pick on someone your own size


*his father uses his magic to chase away the bullys

dad:there that should do *looks at yoongi

dad:I see you made a friend jimin


dad:well he is very strong so he will be your bodyguard

jimin: my what!!

dad:let's go home now

*puts yoongi in the back seat

*jimin sat in the front seat

*yoongi wakes up after 10 mins

yoongi:ughhh.....my head

dad:ah your awake how do you feel?

yoongi:I feel fine

dad:that's good oh and thank you for saving my son jimin

*yoongi looks a jimin

yoongi:um no problem (np)

dad:well as you know you will be jimin bodyguard for now on and I talk to Mr sun about it and he said it was fine if I take you

yoongi:ummm ok

*in yoongi mind:wait isn't it bad to be in a stranger car....😨*

alain:oh and my name is Alain

yoongi:oh ok

alain:were here

*jimin gets out of the car and goes in side

Girl:where all have you been Alain


girl:dont you see we have work and your over here playing around


*the girl looks at yoongi

girl:oh umm hello

Alain:right his name is yoongi

girl:oh hello my name is rose

yoongi:oh hello..

Alain:why dont you go in the house

yoongi:ok then...

*yoongi walks in while Alain and rose went to work

yoongi:umm hello

jimin:oh hello

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