1 Chapter 1

In the beginning, my life was like everyone's life, two parents who loved me with all their hearts and an older brother who despite living like cats and dogs, we loved each other in our own way. But then, everything changed, our parents got divorced. Our mother discovered the love affair, our father had with her best friend. She filed for divorce and left the house without his two children that were only eight and eleven years old, but before that she threw an iron to our father and humiliated his old best friend, uploading a video on the social networks, of that woman and our father, having sex in the room that the two of them used to share. Everyone in the city found out about the infidelity caused by these people and began to talk behind their backs, in the same way the company in which my father and that woman worked, fired them.

Since our mother left, surviving in that house has become difficult every day. Our father could not find any another job. Father's mistress, hated us, she always hit us with whatever she had in hand; perhaps it was because of the actions that our mother committed against her, but soon everything started to get worse. The little money our father earned cleaning houses or collecting garbage, started to be spend on alcohol and cigarettes, they also ended up getting addicted to drugs. That lady started prostituting herself in order to get more money and buy drugs and as time went by, our father and the lady began to argue more and more. Our father started coming home drunk and drugged. Everything turned into chaos, in the blink of an eye, it passed from a loving and united family to a hell on earth. Thought, perhaps what we knew as a loving and united family was simply a hoax and nothing was real from the start; now it's so real I wish I was dreaming

My father, in order to stay afloat with that woman, decided to ask for help from some suspicious characters. They were three men, not very old, but not young; my bother never had a good feeling about them, on the other hand I never noticed them and only did what my father asked us to do. One of them was called Abdel and about the other men I never learned their names, because that time was the first and last time that I saw them. Abdel, he looked like a nice guy, kind man and he cooperated a lot with our family, whenever he came to visit, he stayed over at the house and brought us gifts. I remember that once he gave me a very nice bracelet that I loved and a beautiful brown mangano, which by the way, it didn´t fit me and I don't remember what we did with it.

He was not a person that we usually saw, because he lived in another country, but he continually came to visit us. My father and the lady were very close to him, and it turned out that some very distant relatives knew him. They were family, a third cousin of them was married to a nephew of his. Over time things began to improve, the situation at home became stable, my father and stepmother managed to get a good job, and they stopped fighting with each other. Although the rumors about them did not stop circling among the neighbors and acquaintances. Mother and our father did not stop hating us, we think they never paid attention to us, they never cared about our well-being, only my brother Abdiel took care of me.