1 Prologue


It was a peaceful aquaworld with it's main interest tilting towards technological development but, that all changed after a single but logic-breaking event.

It had now been reduced to nothing more than a ravaged world due to the sudden descent of mythological Entities all over the planet.

Faced off with the gods of old and demons of horror, Humanity had but a brief technological advantage over the arrogant Entities before all hell broke loose, both literally and figuratively.

It was no sooner than a couple years before the foolish but wise humans found themselves at a near-point extinction. It was at that time that the World fell into chaos and discord.

During this "Era of Terror" as it was called by the future historians, humanity's pathetic and hypocritical nature was revealed, quite terribly at that.

Ghastly Human experimentation, political corruption, and cannibalism were only some of the many horrors that existed during that era.

Yet as light cannot survive without darkness, the vice-versa luckily applied for the homo-sapiens too.

A ray of hope shone through the deep, thick blankets of darkness as the homo sapiens achieved the very thing, thought to be impossible and blasphemy.

They killed a god.

Granted, it was achieved through nothing more than pure wits and luck. They had built up a plasma cannon or " Particle Accelerator Launcher" as humanity's "greatest minds" call it and launched it at the unsuspecting god, achieving victory for the very first time.

The fallen god was immediately taken into custody and experimented upon. Through complex analysis, bio-synthesis and molecular duplication, Humanity gained the first miracle.

They had acquired "magic" or as it was popularly called, "Avesta".

It had surprisingly been present in all living things, even humans but unfortunately, it had been sealed, stagnated, became impure and was forgotten through the passage of time. It had been sealed due to the Kings of Old deeming it to be too dangerous and a "headstart to extinction" for mankind.

Fueled by newfound courage and power, they broke their limits as they succeded in doing the impossible, once more.

They had succeded in pushing back the Entities's relentless advance.

Meanwhile, the scientific aspect of humanity focused on the fortification of defences, furthering their investigations of "Avesta" and finally, regaining authority and order.

In 2050, the "holy" war between humans and the many myths entered a period of neutrality and peace, excluding the small skirmishes and tussels that were still fairly active.

In 2060, The World's first "Confederation Of Avesta and Society" was formed. Humanity now possesed order and an alliance of leaders to whom they could turn to for help, albeit it being in it's infantile stage. It was also during this time that most of the supply and trade routes had been recovered, as they no longer had to constantly worship and fear the Entities.

By 2075, "World Academies", solely for the purpose of battling with the mythical Entities and educating the wonders of Avesta to the younger generation, was created, one academy situating in each country.

Following it, Representatives of the World Academies of "Major" countries were elected, with their political status and merits being their defining trait. They held the responsibility to keep their respective academies intact and working.

In 2090, Humanity was at it's peak, with their comprehension and manipulation of Avesta surpassing the heavens. To put it simply, they now had the ability to fight off the mythological world in equal grounds, with just physical strength and magical reserves being the distinction.

It was currently 3015 when a being that would shock the world and engrave fear to the hearts of the arrogant Entities was being brought into this crazy world.


New Japan, Kyoto Province,

In a run down house, a single candle lit up the gloomy and serious atmosphere and provided a view to the miracle being brought forth.

A middle-aged, handsome man could be seen, firmly grasping the hand of a beautiful, equally aged, woman in labour.

" Just a bit more, dear! Just a little more and our baby will be out! ", the man encouraged, his face contorted in worry.

Almost immediately after, a sharp cry rang out the gloomy, declining room, signifying that the baby was born, safetly and in perfect condition.

" It's a girl! Dear, we have a daughter!", the man cried out, his body shaking with relief and excitement.

Calming his shaking fervor, the husband quickly cut the umbrical cord and performed the medical neccesities and he gently wrapped the baby in warm cloth. Afterwards, he held his little angel in the safety of his rugged hands and looked over her features.

Instantly, he knew she would grow up to be a beauty. His heart melted as his daughter clasped onto his index finger like her lifeline.

" *Pant* H-Honey, Let *Pant* me see my daughter..", the beautiful wife said, her body trying to regain it's lost energy and composure.

The father nodded and delicately handed over their little angel to his wife, placing her beside his wife. As the baby laid beside her, the mother curled in a fetal position, protectively embracing her daughter as she wore a motherly smile.

" Honey, our daughter's so beautiful.. Haha..She'll definently grow up to be a heartbreaker.. *Hic* F-Forgive me, little one..*Hic* I-I'm sorry to-to have *Hic* brought y-you here with nothing to offer..", the mother cried, her arms trembling in sorrow.

" Eyy, What are you saying, dear?! A daughter of ours wouldn't care about such trivial matters! Besides, just look at her, she'll be something to behold..any child of ours is...", the man comforted as his legs strode him towards his family.

The fallen high-class family laid on the bed, embracing each other with nothing to offer other than pure love.

Sure, they were poor, and a fallen high class family but the knew iy would not be for long. The father felt it and the mother could see it. Their daughter was destined to be something great.

Meanwhile, the daughter in question fought off her sudden drowsiness and managed to let out a single thought before nerverland took her conscious away.

" F***, I'm a baby?! ".


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