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It was 3:47.

On a Sunday afternoon.

The rain collided with the concrete paving to create a soft pitter-pattering.

It was predicted to be a sunny day, but it was raining; the forecast was never right.

The two siblings rushed towards the small cafe to get shelter from the storm brewing outside.

The younger but taller one of the two sat down first, fortunately barely any of the rain had gotten on her, so she had not brought any rain into the cafe. Her brother, however, was not as lucky; he was soaked to the bones in rainwater while carrying all the items she had purchased.

The brown-haired girl looked towards her blond older brother that was stood at the entrance of the cafe, then said:" Ugh, hurry up, you're so damn slow."

The boy deadpanned and said: "Well if you'd help me with these groceries maybe I could go faster, but no, you're above carrying the shit that you bought aren't you?"

The annoyed look on the girl's seemingly delicate face twisted in pure rage as she rose from her seat, exclaiming " How dare you talk to me like that! If I told our parents about what you just said to me, you know what they're going to do, don't you? "

The smaller boy gritted his teeth, thinking about what would happen to him if she did go through with her threat.

The lone employee watched as all of that went down, he was astounded at the scene before him thinking 'How could someone be so….so...bitchy'. He felt really bad for the petite boy holding all those bags.

The boy shuffled to the table that his sister was sitting on and discarded the four bags of clothes on the wooden floors of the cafe, as he sat down on the chair opposite to his sibling.

As the boy sat, his eyes wandered to observe the cafe's minimalistic interior. The cafe had oak wood flooring paired with white panels on the walls of the square-shaped room. A few odd items were mounted on the walls of the cafe such as some paintings, a couple of small nicknacks, a substantial amount of irregular-shaped clocks and…..a moose head?

"NICO!" exclaimed the younger sister. She had been trying to talk to him for five minutes, but he had just been ignoring him, ' how dare he! ' she thought

"Huh?" Nico mumbled, it seemed he had zoned out for a while there.

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" Why the hell were you ignoring me! I told you to order a chocolate frappuccino for me" she exclaimed; her voice as sharp as daggers.

"...well I can't buy one for you Nica, you don't have any money left." Nico said in an obvious tone

" Just use yours, you brought your money, right?" she asked, omitting the obviousness in the blond's tone

" Yeah, I did, but I'm not wasting it on you." he replied, not surprised that her sister had demanded his money.

"You selfish asshole...it's stopped raining let's go. It's not like I wanted to buy anything from this run down place, anyway." Nica muttered as she threw a dirty look at the small blond.

' Selfish? Jesus Christ, I know we're twins, but she must blind as hell to mistake me for her.' thought Nico

The brunette slowly rose from her seat and strutted towards the door of the cafe, intending to leave, as her black stiletto heels connected with the wooden floors to create a sharp clicker-clackering. The 5'6'' blond let out a sigh and began to lift himself from the wooden chair, when out of the blue a deafening screech equivalent to that of a pterodactyl's enshrouded the small cafe. Nico whipped his head towards the origin of the scream. Wow. He gasped in shock as the sight of his sister enshrouded in a dark coloured substance as she lay on the ground, entered his eyes.

" AHHHH, it's hot, its FUCKING hot" Nica screamed at the top of her lungs.

What had happened was, when a customer was holding coffee had went to leave she had collided with the said customer and long story short she had ended up in her current state.

Nico's face quickly turned from pure shock into a bright red from him stopping himself from laughing at the sight before him. Unfortunately, despite desperately trying to stop himself from laughing he still burst out into a pure fit of laughter.

" What the FUCK, do you think you're laughing at, you stupid bitch!" shouted the coffee-covered girl

At this point Nica was fuming; she was angry that she was covered in coffee; she was angry that her brother was laughing at her; she was angry that he had spoken to her in that manner and tone- she felt like she deserved more respect than that; at this point, Nica was angry at everything and everyone, and especially Nico.

"Come over here and help me, dumbass and stop fucking laughing at me or else I'll tell mom and dad, you fucking idiot!" demanded the brunette.

Nico had started to walk towards her while stifling the small giggles that threatened to escape his mouth and anger the girl even more however after he had heard her words he had stopped and seemed slightly annoyed yet amused at the same time by her words.

"Say please" Nico demanded

"What the hell is wrong is with you? Just get over here and help me up" Nica said anger and annoyance evident in her voice.

Nico himself couldn't answer that question; he didn't know what had gotten into him. Maybe he had decided he had enough; maybe he decided it was time to stand up for himself.

" ...no…." He muttered

"What the fuck did you just say?" said Nica, although he had said it quietly, Nica had caught what he said. She couldn't believe her fucking ears; 'He must be joking' she thought.

" I said no, what are you? Deaf?" Nico replied, he had gathered all his courage to say this. He rarely stood up to his sister no matter what she did because he knew what the consequences would be; he knew what his parents would do. But right now he didn't really care what happened to him. He was sick and tired of her bullshit- he really was.

" If you don't help me right this instant, I'll tell mom and da-" Nica threatened.

" I.Dont.Care" he deadpanned while interrupting her which caused her to look at him as if he had grown eight heads all at the same time.

" Yeah, you heard me right. I'm done with your bullshit and yes, I am leaving you here. Consequences be damned" Nico stressed.

He then walked right past the coffee-covered girl and left, as he took a step outside to be greeted by the now sunny skies- he felt so much lighter than before; it was if a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. A rainbow stretched across the sky, it was a beautiful sight- you could almost describe it as ethereal. A smile spread across his face as he pulled his right arm towards his face to see the time on the watch that was on his wrist.

It was now 3:56.

Nico felt the rest of today was going to be a great day.

However he needed to get home quickly and pack, he knew that when his parent found out about what happened with his sister he would definitely get kicked out, so he needed to prepare for that.

He went to cross the road then realized that the green man was not out yet so he decided to wait it out a bit; it was a very busy road so Nico watched the different coloured cars rush past as he waited for the red man to switch to green.

He hadn't even felt the hands push him before his head welcomed the asphalt road: he hadn't even had the time to acknowledge what had happened before he was trampled by the wheels of a car.

The last thing he saw was the pure horror etched into the faces the other people waiting to cross.

Nico was wrong.

Today would not be a good day.

It was 3:59

On a Sunday afternoon.

The rain collided with the asphalt road to create a soft pitter-pattering while diluting the blood that pooled around his cold, dead body.

It was predicted to be a sunny day, but it was raining; the forecast was never right.

It was a soft gentle rain.

Nico johnson had died that day.

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