What the Villainess want Book

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What the Villainess want


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"It's dark, harsh, and scary" "I just want to go home!!!" Lilithiverse Ruvena Ravilios was once a decent girl from the Us named Gabriella Smith. She strived to finish art college someday to escape her past. That was until a mysterious fire broke out in the middle of the night. She thought she died that day but instead went inside the novel, "The Crown Prince's Love Wants Me". But instead of handling the situation easily, she was haunted by a dark force that continued to plague her lost mind. She was abused and harassed by her family members while those around her ignored it. But as Lilith knew what was haunting her, she knew something even better. It might be able to help her fight those who dare harm her. " I am quite special for him to perform his actions, it won't work on me now, I'll become the person he hates the most" This is the story of how a reincarnated woman gradually heals from the scars of the past and dives into her passion. But little did she know that there was more than the novel. The story seems to be more than just a romance story. There seemed to be hidden truths that she might be missing...


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