1 Prologue

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"What's it like becoming a vampire?"

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When Xiang Kun first saw this question on the question-and-answer site, Zhihu1, he thought nothing of it. People had pushed their creativity to the limits to come up with the fabricated stories, and notwithstanding, they were the answers with the highest number of votes. In these answers, if vampires weren't tall, handsome, and rich scions, they would be emo, passionate wanderers that had lived for ages. In essence, they were all romance stories.

Occasionally, the answers provided by a few people who truly studied the origins of vampire stories and the possible medical explanations were relegated to the back. They didn't receive many votes, and clearly, most people didn't treat the question with much serious thought.

The person who first posted the question probably did it for entertainment.

Xiang Kun had treated the thread as a novel, reading a few answers before switching to another question that caught his interest.

Back then, he naturally never expected that it didn't take long before he had the qualifications to truly answer this question.

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