1 Chapter One

What Is This

Chapter One

- Juke's POINT Of VIEW -

What do I have to do to get her attention. She is beyond beautiful. I wonder, if I could just walk up there and ask her out. Now, I'm pretty hot myself. I could see it working, but and not to place myself on their level, some nerds walked up to her and got dissed. Like they would even have a chance, but I better not. I'll wait until lunch is over and see how good of a chance I've got with her. No way who's that guy. He's better looking than me! If she's with him, I have no chance. I better leave her alone.

- Calsters' POINT OF VIEW -

Hideous creatures, every single one of them. If another one comes up to me I'll kill it. How gross they are. I hope we don't have to stay here to long. It's rather annoying. I'll ask Ronin when we are leaving. There he is now. He did say we wouldn't have to stay to long. Hopefully, we can move it along. Ew, not another one.

"Hi". Good bye.

"Buzz of ugly, princess is with me", says Ronin. Thank goodness. I'm glad I don't have to talk to them anymore. De-scus-ting.

"But I-" Wow, he's got gutts, but he better stop before Ronin removes them.

"Now, leave", Ronin layghed out, and showed a smirk. Boy is he handsome. You can see it clearly. I wonder how many girls have come up to him. Probably many. To bad he's taken. I would jumped at the opportunity to be his girl. Instead a little girl he's decided on joins us for our I guess events and what not. Hum-.

"Now that he's gone, what are you up to?" His smile brilliant. To think those teeth have had blood on them.

"What?" He asks me. I simply smile, and wave his question off.

An instead ask one of my own; "when will we be leaving?"

"Well, my little human likes it here, so I think we might stay. She's already made some friends".

"Stay!" I yelled out essabuated. There's no way. We should head back to where the others are. Plus there's no telling what others are hidden.

"You've got to be kidding-"

"Nope, it's true. I'll tell you the rest when the others are around".

I know just what to do. I'll have to make a few incidents.

- Juke's POINT OF VIEW -

I wonder where she's going. She up and left right after the other guy left. Well class will start soon maybe she's headed there. But we aren't allowed to leave the cafeteria unless a teacher gives us promission. The guy left before her. I wonder, if I could get out too

"Mr. Juke, what do you think your doing?" Mr. Wallis asked me.

"I'm going to do an errand for a teacher". I lied, thinking that they did too. Maybe they had an excuse, but they didn't have any papers with them-

"Where's your note?". Yeah you've got to have an excused paper with you.

"I'm not sure where I put it, but I need to run an errand for Ms. Niolin." I lied.

"Okay, write your name down here, and I'll give you a pass." He said. Great, I wonder what the other two are doing. I know I thought I shouldn't mess with her, and especially not him, but I'm curious. Hopefully that excuse and this pass doesn't come to bite me later. Off I go.

- Calster's POINT OF VIEW -

So little miss calster got up just after Ronin left, not waiting any of them to bother her, and began to from a plan as she headed to her next class. So we join a stupid school for the girl, now we stay because of her too. He's hooked, her blood must be the best.

First, I need someone to use. I wonder, if any other student got pass those teachers or actually had passes. I'll look around. I have ten minutes based off this watch. If I can't find one now I can always find one later, or somewhere other than this school. Maybe more than one will be better. I have to do something to make Ronin want to leave here and go back to the others. So it needs to be big. That's the most import part. I wonder, if only one will do.

No one so far.

Wait who's he. He's cute, maybe he will do. "Hi, I'm Calster", I say to him.

"Umm, I'm Oakly, hi", he's really cute. down to his voice. Yes, he will do just fine. It's better for them to have some type of look. that way, if I get caught, I won't be laughed at by the others.

"I was looking to make some friends, since, I'm knew here. Want to be my friend?" I smile showing my top teeth.

"Sorry, my girlfriend will kill me, if I have a girl as a friend".

What? Well okay, it's not shocking, but honestly, he can't have a girl as a friend.

I laughed. But I wasn't happy, as he abruptly turned away. I've got another way.

"Hey dude what's up!" A deep voice says...