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"I miss you whenever you aren't before my eyes, Is this love?" "I want you to be truly happy even though I'm in pain, Is this love? WHAT IS LOVE??? Kim Srechen is a mere job holder in the well known multi products company. His parents were dead in an accident when was about to graduate. Somehow he got graduate with the deposited amount for his study by his parents. He didn't afford to join university after graduation. Rusa Soe is the boss of Kim. She is the head of Public relation department. She is very strict and serious. She is kind hearted but doesn't care to show. She likes Kim's honesty and has a special place in her heart but doesn't take it as love at all. Sarae Min is a beautiful receptionist at Kim's workplace. She catches the heart of many men in their workplace. Kim has a secret crush in her. Sarae takes him as her best friend. Joe Raynor is the son of the president of their company. He is very handsome and works as a model for the company's advertisemen. He is to be engaged to Rusa according to their fathers' decision. But his eyes are in Sarae. What happens futher? Who wins Sarae's heart? Or Rusa? Will Rusa be married to Joe? Or she may fall in love with Kim? Will Joe really be engaged with Rusa forgetting about attractive Sarae? Or will he reject to engage with her? Who does Sarae choose to love or play? Will she ever fall in love with poor Kim? Or will she choose a rich man like Joy? Lets see inside to know.

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