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It all begins with a simple goblin. Within a cave amongst many others, a man, a foreigner is reborn. "Yup, that's me. A lovely heart-throbbing goblin......!" But one that promises a tale of ruin. Merely a single step, yet depravity follows. Tumultuous flames that threaten mankind itself, burning entire continents till it reaches the next world. Just what kind of catastrophe had been unleashed? "Oh, c'mon~ we're all friends here, aren't we...?" However, greed fills his soul, a gluttonous hunger like no one had ever seen. This sickening darkness, relentless in its approach, only hopes to devour all things or trample it underfoot. "But...if it's my destiny, then I'm afraid I have no choice. My fellow brethren, it is time." He calls upon the many demons who kneeled alongside his throne, the ones who prosper and thrive within disaster. Merciless in their pursuit, blood pooled into rivers, seas, and oceans. Ghastly. What existences hadn't yet gone extinct? "Aw~ it's so sad, I just might cry~" To continue treading down this never-ending path...with each and every step, they shall poison the world. ***** Multiverse/World Traveling: RE:MONSTER How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Arifureta Zero/Arifureta I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World and Became Unrivaled in The Real World, Too A Wise Man’s Grandchild The Legendary Mechanic More included later or upon request.... Authors Notes: To begin, I must warn you beforehand, this is a Depraved story about an Evil Protagonist. Not some cook-cutter villain, but someone who is legitimately Cancerous. It is no exaggeration to say that he is a plague that indiscriminately encompasses all who contracts it. And as such, I warn you again, DO NOT come here with the expectation of this being something easy to stomach. If you are a moral person who cannot distinguish between reality and fiction, it'd be best if you skipped over this one. I will not condone any reviews or comments condemning him on how evil or immoral the mc’s acts are, as I refuse to entertain them after giving this warning and will remove such things immediately. There is no fixed updating schedule for this story, this is strictly for entertainment purposes. Now, if you understand the code of conduct, please click [Accept] *I own nothing other than my Original Characters in this story. Neither the series nor franchises included belong to me*

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Chapter 12: Pigs and Goblins

Ezra | Ra | Day 8 | Kuuderun Great Forest, Southernmost Area

The smell of fresh greenery soothes the brain.

Isn't it amazing?

I can breathe in clean air without the foul stench of urine.

This is why I'd usually stay away from city areas, it felt like my lungs were dying

—If they weren't already dead.

It's just something about the natural environment. You can't help but admire its beauty. And tear it all down for resources later.

I'm only being honest here. Completely transparent with no falsehoods. This is the truth. If you want to fight me on that, we can go a few rounds.

At the moment, me and my squad of goblins were walking toward one of the mountains deep inside the forest. This was where one of my shadow soldiers had spotted the orcs walking around.

For this upcoming fight, I recalled all of my shadows from around the forest for assistance. We're gonna need all kinds of hands and feet.

Since we'll probably be evolving after exterminating the orcs, I need to get in on the action this time.

Now that I think about it, I can't decide whether exterminating them or enslaving them would be better.

Nope, never mind. That was a pointless thought. Why enslave them when they could join the army?

Damn, my brain almost collapsed.

Too much stimulation.

Someone help me. I need help. My head's all fucked up...…....!

With the orcs selflessly enlisting into the army like this, I'll have a new source of labor. Only then can we finally start our settlement—in that large cave they're so graciously going to give us.

I love kindhearted people. That's why I have no choice but to award them a swift death.

For reference, my current army consisted of 1 Goblin, 29 Horned Rabbits, 16 Armored Tanukis, 8 Night Vipers, and 34 Seven Colored Bats.

More than enough to wreak a small bit of havoc in my humble opinion. 

After arriving before a wooded clearing, I turned toward the girls who'd been chattering nonstop this whole time.

They immediately quieted down and looked back at me.

Oh no, don't let me stop you. Keep going if you want...…

"You all probably don't know why we came out this far with the entire group, isn't that right?"

Each of them nodded their heads in agreement.

"Well let me inform you now that we'll be going into battle soon. This won't be like anything you've experienced thus far, not even the little fight you had against the small fry from yesterday."

The air around them changed drastically. Their gazes had become steady, with only a few harboring the faintest hint of uncertainty.

Mhm, I see you Mei and Sui.

Wha—no, not you too Eri...….. I taught you better than this.

"Like always. I'll give you a fair warning. If you hesitate—If you don't fight with all you have, you will most certainly die. Keep that in the back of your mind—Forgetting my words will end painfully."

I glanced over at Kanami who raised her hand.


"I-I, uh….W-what will we be facing...….?"

"An entire community of Orcs. Any other questions?"

At my words, they all shared a similar look. 

"Um….Sir, what is an 'Orc'....?"

Rin stepped forward and asked.

Ah, right, they don't know, huh…..

Let's show them then. Keke.

"...Lower your stance and follow me. It's only natural that you'd have to see it with your own eyes to understand."

There were only two in the general vicinity at the moment. One could be seen right outside the tree line. They had obviously better clothes than goblins, and wielded pickaxes as weapons.

But the most prominent feature had to be their pig-like faces.

Actual pig snouts. What the hell. I feel like I've seen some shit I shouldn't have.

...….Damn, I didn't notice this before, but orcs have some wide hips, huh. 

Thick as hell.

Big in the front and the back. Gyat.....!

How'd they even walk around like that...…?

Carrying all that gyat.

I wish I had a female knight to throw at 'em. 

All so I can hear the iconic—'K-kill me...'


A short gasp came from behind.

C'mon, they aren't that scary. Just a little big in the waist. Probably smells like shit too....well, I guess that comes with the territory.

Turning around, I directed them with hand signals and returned back to our original location.

"Now that you've seen what we'll be up against, am I to take it that you all are prepared?"

I dare you to raise a hand. I swear I'll bite it.

Good thing none of them did. Only standing straight with solemn gazes. I should at least provide some assurance, right?

At the very least, I should dig a grave for them if they happen to die.

"With all that said and done, Rin, could step forward for me please."

"Yes, Sir....!"

"Quiet down, stupid whore, someone might hear you…."

"Y-yes, sir...…."

Goddamnit, my bad habit is coming out again. 

It's not like they aren't used to it already, but….c'mon man. We have to be serious. Serious~

"You will lead the entire group into battle and direct things as you did before. Is that understood?"

"Yes, sir...…."

"Good. Does anyone have any objections....?"

I glanced at each of them, yet it was Kanami and Fuuka who seemed as if they had something on the tips of their tongues.

Still, they ultimately refrained from speaking.

That's what I like to see.

"Very well. You have 10 minutes to get yourselves ready—oh, and before I forget….."

They all stopped what they were doing.

"Did I forget to mention that I'll be fighting alongside you this time?"

A moment of silence ensued as their faces gradually brightened up.

Did that make you happy?

"I know some of you were worried about the vast difference in numbers between us, so peel your eyes open and set your hearts at ease. I have no intention of losing."


Out of my shadow, a flickering dark figure slowly emerged. 


I shall turn your life upside down.






Day 8 | Kuuderun Great Forest, Southernmost Area

All of them could see it clearly. Creatures manifested from darkness itself.

Shadows coalesced around these mysterious beings. Tens of them rose up at their master's call, forming a dense circle around the feeble group of goblins.

An army. A force of creatures found within this exact forest, yet....they weren't the same.

Shock painted the girls' faces. They stared in awe, unable to believe the sight before their eyes.

Their gazes roamed each of the shadow soldiers with a mix of apprehension and wonder. However, in the end, they were left gazing back at a pair of blood red eyes.

The unique goblin, their leader, the one called Ezra stared straight at them as a slight smile tugged the corners of his lips.

It wasn't a kind or generous smile, but one of amusement. Like watching the climax of a play unfold, he admired the sight.

Opening his mouth, he declared the start of a war.

".....Let us begin."


Authors Notes:

Forgot to ask, but what is more preferable:

1. This style with mild explanations and slow-fast pacing.

2. Fast pace with minimal descriptions of the surroundings(I.e. speeding up the amount of days that passes)

3. Slower pace with more descriptions and explanations of events during the day.

Any of them are fine for me. Just let me know.