2 meeting the fox

( author's note: Naruto is going to be a lot more sadistic in this what if.)

Naruto slowly began to wake up but he wasn't in a normal Place no he was inside of a house that looks like an old medieval Church judging from Dante's memory this place was where he grew up his home. Naruto start to walk through the house at a calm paste soon he found a door that judging from the memories weren't there before it was down a flight of stairs. Asmara to walk down and open the door he saw a beautiful red headed woman wearing very tight fitting leather clothing that seems to put emphasis on her easily Double D cup breast size which she probably was even bigger than that a quickly laid down to an hourglass figure that would make most men immediately faint just by seeing this beautiful woman with for them. but Naruto could sense a demonic power coming off of this woman so he knew he probably shouldn't trust her or at least not entirely. who's he walked for towards her she noticed she seemingly shocked and actually quite scared as she slowly backed away hitting a wall not even five steps away.

" now what are you doing in my mindscape and who are you?"

she slowly slide down the wall shaking as she began to speak with a tone of pure respect and fear.

" well Lord Naruto I was sealed inside of you when you were a baby. you probably know me as the nine tail fox."

Naruto made his body age about 15 years so he would be around 19 in body or at least a while he was in his mind scape. my change in appearance seemed to make her blush heavily as I was wearing Dante's clothes.

" so why do you call me Lord and give me a reason why I should not use you for whatever reason I decide whether it be... pleasurable Sensations are not"

Naruto's personality had become a little bit more sadistic because of his demonic power influencing him not to mention the memories of Dante and apparently some of his personality and his brothers rubbing off on him giving him a pretty cynical View on the world this seems to scare the nine tail fox even greater.

" I call you Lord because you bear the power and blood of Sparta he had a small band of demons who served under him us-9 Bijou were part of that band. he created our own little dimension for us to live in where we ended up here in this world but he also sent a sizable chunk of humans to our Dimension as well. and that was how this world was created and I beg of you I will serve you for the rest of my existence just don't use me like a slave for daemoness to be treated like a slave is the greatest insult to our integrity."

as I made the bars that seemed to separator to make a collar around her neck manipulating my mind space to do so I walked towards her and quickly grabbed the chain that was attached to collar.

" so you serve me out of respect for Sparta... and why should I care about your integrity after all during my human life you've caused me nothing but suffering and judging from the memories I received from Dante demons aren't really the most trustworthy."

the Nine-Tails dropped to her knees being about waste link level for Naruto as she hold onto his legs with fear in her eyes as she spoke.

"because the only thing I have left is my integrity it's the only thing that blasted Madara Uchiha did not take from me when he controlled me with those damned eyes."

I stared down at her calmly as I thought of Madara Uchiha right in history he did control the nine tail fox to fight hashirama he was the only known Uchiha to be able to control her.

" tell me the events of the night of my birth and perhaps I will leave you with your integrity but if I feel like you're lying then I will take it from you and use you as my personal sex slave."

he said that's so coldly the nine tail fox could believe it from the tone alone let alone the feeling of how cold the voice was so she quickly began to speak.

" your mother was my previous jinchuriki Kushina Uzumaki when a jinchuriki gets pregnant the seal weekends. so on the night of your birth a man wearing a orange World mask with a Sharingan enter the room where your mother and father were and kidnapped you for a few seconds making your father have to save you and took your mother away to a shrine to unseal me and take control of me. during that time your father and mother died to steal me inside of you if it wasn't for that blasted she I would still be inside your mother and you would have your family."

as Naruto heard this he could feel that she wasn't lying she seem to Value her integrity Above All Else so she wouldn't lie when it came to a chance of losing it. he unconsciously had a grip on her hair when he heard what happened but he's slowly let go she seemed to breathe out a sigh of relief but she quickly regretted it after what Naruto said next.

" You Belong To Me I will not take away your integrity or dignity I won't use you as a sex slave as long as you don't give me a reason to feel like it would be a proper punishment. but you will not interfere with anything unless I tell you to as long as you do that I will let you do what you will."

Naruto said that as he grabbed the seal on her neck and broke it making her eyes widen this seemed to have also suppress her power which made her form look smaller than it actually was she quickly grew to almost twice her height. before she was around 4'5 now she was 7'3. and her bus immediately went up a cup size and her ass seem to have gotten bigger and more juicy which since Naruto had the mind of of an adult he wanted to Pender to the ground and uses dick to blow her brains out but he gave his word not to.

" well I'll give you this you are quite beautiful now tell me your name."

this seemed to make her happy about the compliment but she seemed to seem shy about telling her name. when I was about to say something she began to speak.

" my name is katsumi."

I smiled as I heard her name which seemed to make her blush a bit more I began to turn around and walk out the steps but I stopped about halfway and spoke.

" walk around my mindscape get comfortable because I have a feeling you won't be the only one living here when I find the other nine though I will be bringing their jinchuriki along the ride."

as I said this I walked upstairs but I could easily hear her starting to breathe easier as she muttered to herself.

" Sparta why are the men in your family so damn dominant I swear he'll end up claiming all my sisters and me one day."

I decided to mess with her a bit as I spoke down the steps.

" would you like me to claim you now?"

I smiled as I saw her face went so red I swear a tomato would be proud. though I did really want to claim her but I'm going to wait until she gives me permission.

as I walked around the corner I heard her voice whispering.

" why did that turn me on I don't need to be claimed yet I'm still young enough to be in my Prime dammit I don't need kids."

I didn't know why but I found it extremely enjoyable to tease this vixen.

" oh don't worry until I let you out of the seal you don't have to worry about kids. because I'll make sure we're ready to raise them but of course I don't think you're going to get much alone time after I get my first taste of you."

as I said this I noticed she just fainted with a nosebleed. I couldn't help but chuckle to myself as I walked away but then I noticed my conscious was starting to pull me back to the real world. then I remembered with my actual body I'm still a four-year-old so there's some time before I'm actually able to have. I blacked out but I soon wake up in my apartment I guess the Ambo that always watching me. i walk towards the kitchen as I started to think about something I realized I could just use hinge to buy groceries i appreciate the hit myself and spoke.

" I'm a damn idiot why didn't I think of that before?."

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