1 Chapter 1


I had missed my period and never thought much of it till recently when it had almost been two weeks. I took a pregnancy test and what I feared had come out to be positive and now I was standing in the study that belonged to my forced to be with, boyfriend, I've never loved this man but I had no choice but to do what he chose for me.

Dating Logan was what you would call an abusive relationship he never treated me right he would force himself on me as I tried to sleep when I never wanted any of it. His parents were bad but better than him in different ways.

I stood close to the door of the study just in case he decided to come at me with violence and had a quick escape.

I wasn't too sure how I was going to tell him and it scared me because I already knew he wouldn't like what I was going to tell him. I cleared my throat to catch his attention and hopefully get his attention off of what he was reading.

He looked up at me in a way I just wanted to go and hide inside of something but I came at my own will and needed to stay brave. "What do you want Grace I'm quite busy?" He said.

"I-I have something to tell you?" I took a deep breath trying to calm my racing heart.

"Don't stutter just tell me what it is you want to say it's not that hard?" He told.

Only if it was that simple but life had other plans when it came to me especially when I was standing in front of the scariest man I knew while trying to explain good or bad news I wasn't sure which one it was. I've always wanted to have a few children but that was in the far future I was only eighteen at the moment but nineteen in a couple of months.

But this was Logan he never approved of anything that had to do with me. He was the devil in disguise a freak. Though I couldn't say such things to his face that's how I thought about him.

I took another deep breath and let out what I wanted to say. "I'm pregnant...with your child."

He froze in place before looking at me with a clenched jaw and fire burning in his eyes. He looked at me as if it was my fault but it was all him I never wanted anything to do with him. "What the heck don't play with me, Grace?" He said in a murderous voice.

"I'm not I swear I took a test that I had found in under the-"

"Shut up! If what you say is true get rid of it I don't want anything to do with children I don't want to be a father and most definitely not in the future!"

Tears began to fill my eyes he first makes my life miserable as I began to grow up and now that he finds out I am pregnant with his child he wants me to get rid of my baby. It may have been unplanned but I could never do such a thing to my baby.

"No? No, I won't get rid of my baby!" I knew that what I said could cause problems. He could beat me and get away with it so easily but just because he got me pregnant without my consent didn't mean it was right to punish my baby for his crimes.

His eyes pierced straight into my soul like a predator. "What did you just say? Don't you ever raise your voice at me you brat!" His voice became louder by the second. He stood up from his chair and I immediately took a step back closer to the exit of his study. "Get out of this house and don't you dare come back unless you get rid of that so, called child, of mine!" He said in a demanding voice.

"Why do you hate me so much? What have I done to deserve any of this!" I shouted one last time before running out of the house and into the city streets. I didn't care if people would stare at me oddly for having a red hot face full of tears I couldn't help it. I now had no home I was homeless.

Being alone and not knowing how to care for a baby is scary how could I do it alone and on the streets? I had my phone but no charger to use for, it, so it was useless especially when I knew no one to call I had no friends or family to go to for help.

But for now, I just needed to stay away from the White family and their home I was now free from those wicked people and just needed to keep my baby safe.


Two months later.

I walked down the busy city streets where everyone seemed to be getting out of business work, by the nice dress clothes they wore while I wore a long sleeve sweater and leggings. I looked like a slob compared to them. But I really couldn't complain I had something to wear at least. A small bag full of clothes to be exact.

People were kind enough to give me some money when I didn't ask for it but I was grateful for their generosity. I was able to save money for food to eat and even buy a few pairs of clothes.

On my way to the cheap supermarket to get something to eat for the evening, I ran into someone by accident when trying to go inside the store. A well-dressed man stood in front of me I slowly looked up at the man and was blown away by his beauty.

Brown hair that met his shoulders beautiful brown eyes to match and a great jawline. If I knew what angles looked like it would be him the man in front of me who stared right into my soul in the most gentle way.

"So beautiful?"

"So are you." He said with a smile trying to hold back his laughter.

Wait did I just say that out loud or did he just read my mind? He even said I was beautiful without really saying it even when I was pregnant but maybe he didn't know since I had a really small baby bump and it was hard to tell under the sweater?

"Are you alright you look a little frightened?" He said sounding a little worried. "Was it what I said?"

"Oh no, I'm okay! I'm sorry for running into you I should have been paying attention to where I was going? I'll be going now!" I wasn't sure why but I panicked and hurried passed him I didn't want to keep him waiting for whatever reason that would be for and rushed up the few steps to the store.

"Wait!" He called out and I knew he was talking to me. I turned around to face him one last time before going inside. "What is your name?" He asked.

What was I supposed to do if I told him my name I would have to give him my number and then go on a date with him and then he would find out I was pregnant and then he would think of me in disgust because I was pregnant and that meant being possibly married. But I wasn't I would never marry some snob like Logan he deserved to be in prison for a very long time. And there was no way a man would possibly date me and accept my baby.

"Um, hello do you have a name?" He asked once more.

"Oh my gosh, yes I'm so sorry I'm Grace Harper. What's your name?"

A smile slowly appeared on his face and he began to laugh in amusement. "Wow, that's a beautiful name my name is Derek...Derek Presley, it's nice to meet you Grace, Harper."

"It's nice to meet you too Derek Presley..." It suddenly became silent between us I didn't know what to say I only stared back into the man's eyes in front of me in complete awkward silence.

"Uh well I won't keep you waiting any longer I also need to get home so um...I hope to see you around?"

I nodded unable to keep the smile from appearing on my face. "Yeah okay, I also hope to see you around," I said and immediately regretted the way that sounded coming from my lips. Once I got a nod from him I quickly turned around and walked inside the store and released a big breath of air.

My baby was putting me in the mood for a ham sub sandwich which cost a dollar fifty. Knowing I had enough I grabbed it and went to the cashier.

"Hello ma'am did you find everything okay?"

"Yes, I did."

"Alright, dollar fifty, please?"

I dug through my bag and pulled out two dollar bills and paid for my sandwich. I got my change back, then made my way back to my, new home that I had for two months now. The alley though it's not much of a home when I had to live outside under the cold winter sky because I can't afford a cheap apartment or hotel.

What sucked the most was that I had to spend my nineteenth birthday and who knew how many more, on the streets all alone.

I sat down on a blanket to help me stay warm and ate my sandwich. When I got a sudden chill I put my coat on and huddled up against the wall and gradually fell asleep while thinking of the man I met earlier.

When I was woken by a loud noise nearby I rubbed my eyes and stood up from off the ground. I was nearly half asleep and didn't know what to do or think before I caught my eyes on a man by the dumpsters.

I couldn't tell who it might be from how dark it was but could tell it was a man figure. He seemed to be throwing out trash and hadn't noticed my presence so he was more likely harmless. I hoped anyway.

I went to turn around and lay back down but ended up making a loud noise instead. I took a deep breath when I heard a voice and turned back around to face the man.

"Uh sorry, I meant to be a lot quieter." I quickly said.

"Grace is that you?" He said in a loud whisper.

I was surprised to find out the man was Derek I could tell by his voice and even better his beautiful face as he walked closer to me.

"Yes, it's me what are you doing out here so late at night?"

"I should be asking you the same? But I was throwing out some of my trash from dinner."

I wasn't sure if I should tell him or even know how to tell him without tearing up. I've never spoken about my horrible situation to anyone. It wasn't something that could be easily shared and it was even scary.

"Why are you out so late it's quite dangerous for a beautiful lady like yourself to be out in the city by yourself?"

And before I could hold back the waterworks it was too late I was in tears and unable to stop them. Then I felt sudden strong arms wrapped around my body I wasn't sure why he was doing this when he hardly knew me.

No one's ever held me so tight yet so gentle it felt right like nothing could happen if this man was right beside me. But I was getting ahead of myself again since why would he stay with me a homeless pregnant teenager that he knew nothing about?

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you cry?" He said while rubbing my back gently.

"No no, it's not your fault it's just that I don't know how to talk about it, and I just couldn't help but cry because of hormones from this small baby inside of me!" I cried into his shoulder grasping onto his shirt.

His hold around my body got oddly tighter when I expected him to push me away after hearing about my unborn child.

"You're pregnant? Why aren't you with him why are you out here all alone?" He asked.

"I hate him he's been nothing but terrible towards me he's the reason why I'm in this mess! I hate him so much I don't ever want to see his face again I'm afraid that he'll kill me or my baby if he did?!"

"Talk to me I'm here to listen if you'd like?"

I did want to talk about it to at least one person so I pulled away out of his arms and sat down on my blanket on the ground and patted a spot next to me for him to sit down beside me.

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