What If It’s Me And Him Book

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What If It’s Me And Him


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I Grace Harper am a young woman in a big city who wasn’t raised around my parents or had any friends. At eighteen I found out I was pregnant and the man I hated so much was the father. I was abused physically and sexually by my boyfriend who I never wanted to be with. I would be constantly yelled at by my boyfriend’s parents each passing day until I told Logan that I was pregnant with his baby and was kicked out onto the streets and I aimed to keep me and my unborn child safe under the cold winter sky’s. Until two months later I bumped into the most kind and most definitely beautiful man I had ever met… I Derek Presley am a man who had struggled with a life without a mother when she died by a sudden illness and my father left me alone to live with my best friend Ryan and his parents at the age of seven. I struggled with severe depression and anxiety since then until I met her. I would do anything for Grace even if she said nothing about it. The day I met her on the streets I instantly fell in love I’ve never seen such a beautiful woman like her. But I had no idea she was homeless and pregnant until I found her standing in the alley that night and she told me her story her ex was way to far from being a good boyfriend he deserve to be in prison for what he did to her and that’s my plan when I ask her to move in with me and make her mine I will protect her and that child with the life God had given me. But there was a problem when Logan would never give up until he achieved his own plan…


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