1 Friendly Faces

The masks that hide more than they can show, they looked at me with the same smile on its face waving peacefully.

I don't want to leave...

3 days ago

"HEY LOOK WHAT I FOUND" I shout running toward the conservatory with a fish in a jam jar. Everyone looked different at that moment, unaware I was there I hid in a bush as I saw the masks they were wearing start to leak sentences that mocked my existence. " I guess I only have you Mr fish, I stare at the glass as I saw the fish begin to leak the same black ink everyone else was in the conservatory earlier. 'he should just leave' in turn hesitantly to realise the black ink deformed their masks into demonic faces.


Back to now

I boarded the train to see more masks that started to change their expression as soon as I entered. Their fake smiles transformed into a scrunched up and disgusted face, everyone seemed to start to bond with each other as they all shared something in common.

They hated me