What do you mean I'm a Webnovel Protagonist now!?What do you mean I'm a Webnovel Protagonist now!?

What do you mean I'm a Webnovel Protagonist now!?

by Frigid_Fridge

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Now that I have your attention, please do try this book out! “Today will mark a very special day, I will be dominating the claw machines in Akihabara. Watch out loveable soft toys and limited edition models, you’ll all belong to me now. Wait.. is that? I think it is, IT’S THAT DAMN TRUCK AGAIN!” Nan Zhu Jiao is an all-powerful Esper, but after saving too many protagonists from Truck-Kun he inadvertently changes the fate of everyone. What do you mean cultivation? I am already an immortal. What do you mean I need to get stronger? I am already all-powerful. Follow Nan Zhu Jiao as he saves (or not) the worlds he goes to. This novel is a comedy. Update Schedule would be 5 chapters per week, papa needs to work too. papa set up a Ko-Fi Account, if you could help out it'd be great! https://ko-fi.com/frigid_fridge or don't, it's fine. PS works too.

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