21 Chapter 21

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I said "It is named as [BLANK]."

He smiled and waved to me Good bye. We finalized our talk with a shake hand and I removed every seals I placed in this place. It looks like my Bullshit worked with the Hokage huh? Well anyway, It is time now to moved every plans I have much faster than I intended. My preparations are done so no more relaxing. After my first plan is done, I will have a longer time to enjoy my time. I will use that to temporarily explore this world and see what it can give me.

I exited the tower with a smile but I shivered as I felt trouble on the way out. I hope this is not that big of a trouble brought by Kong and Tsunade.


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-Side Story of Tsunade and Kong-

In the middle of the day, A peaceful street was disturbed by a commotion created by a girl and a small gorilla. the girl can be seen running away from a small Gorilla while the Gorilla razor and destroyed everything on its path. The Gorilla doesn't really care about the damages he made as he madly runs towards the girl.

The Girl was Tsunade as she was running from Kong. Tsunade moved to the wilderness away from the village and plan to hide in the surroundings. Kong was a Gorilla so he have a very big advantage here. Tsunade jumped from tree to tree to shake off Kong but Kong moved in the shadow to move closer that Tsunade. Kong kicked Tsunade from the side but Tsunade blocked it successfully. Tsunade plan to jump backward but she was cornered between two rocks.

Kong said "Hehehehe, You fucking Brute! I have finally cornered you! Give me the money that boss gave us and I will not fucking beat the crap out of you till you spit it out it!!!"

Tsunade felt this funny and laughed at his words. She said "As if you can beat me idiot! "

Kong smirked and said "Heh, feeling scared? No need to worry Brute, I will make it as brutal as i can!

Tsunade "What scared are you talking about! How about this, We will bet the money in a fight! If you are feeling scared, Give up now so i can spare your life!"

Kong said "Hah, I am In! I will Fucking smack you hard until I break every bones you have!"

Tsunade looked at Kong in sneer and said "Heh, feeling almighty already? I can always beat you up, no need to feel so mighty you tiny Gorilla!"

Kong was madden by her words and shouted "You think I am tiny! You think I am Tiny! THEN I WILL SHOW YOU WHOSE TINY!!!"

Tsunade threw a wooden box on the ground and used a one hand seal. The wooden box shone in bright golden light as it merged with the ground and spread to Kong and Tsunade. Every chakra beast and animals in their vicinity vanish in thin air as the light around 5km on them in radius vanished and turned into night. She smirked and said "Heh, Show it to me then, you ugly Gorilla!"

Kong rebutted "You are really forcing me hard brute! I WILL FUCKING SHOW YOU WHOSE THE BOSS HERE!"

He was driven by anger and started to transform into his bigger form but Tsunade used this chance to do a surprise attack. Some may find this disrespectful but they were taught to not give a chance to their opponent when fighting especially when they are much weaker than their opponent. That will only lead to their defeat/ Death if they become overconfident about everything. Haru taught them this because he is not a fan of people dying due to stupid actions while they fight especially in anime, That could only leads to more dramas and heartbreak to the watchers.

She Pointed all of her fingers to Kong's abdomen and bolted to him with all her might. Kong is still transforming when Tsunade's attack connected to him. Kong's transformation was abruptly stopped and thrown hard to the ground. Dust covered her vision but can still feel him with her keen sense.

Tsunade sensed Kong stood up and is brewing up with anger. She smirked to him before jumping back. She balled her right hand into fist before connecting it into her open left hand. Wooden aura came out of her body before a big Thousand Hand Shiva materialized out of her back.

<Hatsu: Thousand Hand Shiva!>

The Shiva has Three Face in one head that changes when controlled. The normal face is on the front, the benevolent face is on its left while the angry face is on its right.

Kong saw Tsunade using her Hatsu so He also used his Hatsu. Red Aura started to cloak Kong and washes the whole vicinity. He started to become more ferial and berserk as a big red Star formed on his back.

<Hatsu: Red Star!>

Kong jumped high into the sky and threw his hatsu up before crashing down the ground. Kong continued his transformation until he reached his Original height of 15 meters. His hatsu, Red Star, stayed in the sky which washed the whole world red.


Kong roared on the top of his lungs while banging his chest as the red star shone and covered his whole body. Kong's Heartbeat started to become louder and louder as he maniacally look at Tsunade.

Tsunade's face turned into disgust as she look at Kong's Transformation. She started to float as she combined with the Thousand Hand Shiva on her back. The Shiva on her back started to increase in height until it reached 20 meters. The shiva's eyes glowed into gold as half of this Red world was covered by a wooden aura.

Tsunade said in an eerie yet calm voice "You really look ugly at your transformation. Your Cute form turned into a disgusting and ugly form. I hate that form of yours."

Kong replied in a very deep voice "Heh, You are Fucking blind, Brute! You can't even appreciate what is true beauty! You must repent for not giving up the money! I already gave you a chance so don't blame me for showing you the wrath of a king!!"

Kong vanished from Tsunade's eyesight and appeared on top of her head. Tsunade controlled the shiva to use half of her hands to defend while the other half were doing hand signs. Kong bashed her with all his might and buried half of Tsunade's hatsu on the ground. The Shive teleported on top of Kong and floated. She opened up her mouth as hundreds of continues elemental Jutsus came out of her mouth.

Kong smirked as he let the attacks lands to him. The Red aura around him absorbed every attacks of tsunade and made it much more bigger. Kong's body started to bloat as he absorb some of the star's energy. He Grinned and said "Thanks for the meal!"

Tsunade seems pissed off and said "The Heck! Your Hatsu is a cheat! You can absorb Energy based techniques and make you physically stronger! That is unfair!"

Kong rebutted "Like hell this is a cheat! You are a cheat too! You have Thousands of hands to make thousands of Jutsus at the same time! When you add that Fucking enormous Chakra pool you have, you are the real cheat here!"

Tsunade sticked out her tongue and replied "Tehe"

Kong became pissed by this and started throwing trees and rocked to Tsunade. Tsunade controlled her Shiva as hundreds of palms and fist started to crash to the rocks and trees while some lands on Kong. Kong punched back and dodge every attack of Tsunade but Her attack started to become fast and furious as time pass by.

Kong defended and countered all of the attacks desperately. He thought that this shouldn't continue so he defended himself and absorbs all of the energy from the red star. His body started to become more compact for every attack he receive and energy he absorbs. Tsunade continued her relentless attack when she noticed the change he is undergoing.

She said as she continuously attack "Heh, Going to forfeit Already? Did you just become weaker or did i just become more powerful now?"

Kong Smirked at her and said "Nope idiot, What i will show you is another ability of my Hatsu that I hide from You except Boss! I can Fight Boss equally with this form so enjoy your moment now while I smash you down, Fucker!!!"

Tsunade rolled her eyes as he didn't let Kong continue his transformation again. The face of the Shiva turned to the left and showed the angry face. The calm wooden aura of the Shiva turned into chaotic.

She said "Then let me show you my Special Move then!"

<Special Move: Wrath of God!>

The hands of the Shiva became more Bigger and solid. Tsunade clapped her hands and the Shiva followed, trapping and crushing Kong inside of its Thousand Hands. Tsunade's Aura started to corrode Kong's Aura and body as Kong can be heard, shouting inside the cluster of hands. He struggled and if not for Kong's super healing capability he got from the formula Haru gave him, he will die a painful death.

Tsunade waited quietly as the struggle of Kong became more calmer and calmer. She found this strange so she brought Shiva's hands in the air before throwing Kong on the ground. She waited for Kong to smash the ground but she saw nothing. She saw a shadow on the ground and she instinctively looked up and was shocked by what she saw.

Kong was in his 2 meter tall human form with a tail on his back. Almost all of his body was covered by black hair except his chest, abdomen, face, hands and feet. He also have a long black spiky hair and a long eyelashes that made it looks like he is wearing an eye liner.

Kong looks like Son Goku in his Super Saiyan Four except that he is much buffy than Goku and looks more like the Evil Saiyan from the Dragon Ball Super Series.

He is floating with his arm's crossed. He have a smirk on his face as he said "I never thought that this form really give me so much power and mobility! Hahahahaha. I will Fucking enjoy beating you up with this fo-!"

Tsunade looked at him in amazement and slapped him down hard for his delusion. Kong was smashed on the ground and coughed to remove the dust he inhaled. He angrily said "What the fuck was that! I am not yet finished with my speech you brute!"

Tsunade said "You might have become powerful but your habit still haven't change, Kong! Haru already pointed that you should stop talking when fighting, Idiot!"

Kong was pissed by her words so he bolted to Tsunade. He punched the Shiva in every direction which almost cracked it. Tsunade panicked and immediately defended. Kong was much faster now than before that Tsunade Started to have a much Harder time to track Kong. Kong continuously beat Tsunade and started to destroy the hands of Shiva.

Tsunade saw her disadvantage so she used her second special move. Ths Shiva's face changed to a benevolent side which made her aura turned calm and peaceful. Trees started to sway beside her, as if in glee, and made Kong look at the ground in vigilance. Tsunade looked at Kong in his eyes before clapping hard. Hundreds of hands started to moved in specific location and did a hand sign.

<Special Move: Benevolence of a God!>

The trees and grass started to dance with Tsunade's aura rythm. A big root bolted to Kong which he unsuccessfully dodged. Tsunade continued controlling the trees as she attack Kong head on. Kong was shocked by this and wanted to attack Tsunade head-on but he felt her luring him to attack near her. He stopped his continuous attack and observed her attack pattern.

He observed her for a while and saw a restriction to his attack. She only attacks with trees when he is around a kilometer from her. He sneered at Tsunade and used his special move. He clenched right hand as a red light built up in it. Tsunade sensed what will happen next so she placed all of her hands in front of her and controlled all of the trees near her to shield her from the attack. He said "Take this Bitch!"

<Special move: Falling Down>

A big flash of Red light washes their surroundings as Kong punch to Tsunade's location with all his might. The Red Star in the sky started to fall down to Tsunade's location with great speed and power. Tsunade braced herself as the star collided with the trees and obliterated her first layer of defence.

The star stopped at Tsunade's hands but Kong used every strength he have and brought down his hand with all his might. Tsunade used everything she have to stop the Star from colliding to her.

The star exploded with a force that obliterated 5 km of their surroundings. Tsunade and Kong used every energy they have which cancelled their Hatsu from exhaustion. Kong dropped down and passed out while Tsunade stood up with struggle. Unbeknownst to them, halfway to that explosion, the color of the sky go back to its surroundings and created damage to their surroundings.

A group of Farmers, that are enjoying tending their farm, were thrown out by that explosion. Every crops they have waere washed out and destroyed. Someone hugged his destroyed crops and shouted "Nooooo!!!!!!! MY CABBAGES!!!!!"

He angrily bolted to other and asked for help since he is not the only one affected. Together with his friends, They rushed to the point of explosion and saw Tsunade and Kong lying on the floor. They tied them down together and brought to the Hokage tower.

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