1 A dream

Hi, I am an ordinary girl with no guidance nor help to understand what this life means to me. I just lost my soul into the routine activities, yes, working. I do not have any interest at anything. This is my random story from 5 years ago, I did my on the job training and it was my first experience flying with airplane during my whole life in 24 years. I was so excited and passionate at the same time. I was so curious what my training going to be. The day, I did the training as usual, but the different views popped up. I saw a lot of people with their different jobs , their difficulties, their hard time, made me remembered, what was my aim in life?

I clearly remembered that people, in the bus, one with her child standing in the middle of the crowd, one sitting near the window saw the outside, a baby crying and a mother panicking apologized of the noisy sound, a man with his stuffs making money, one with shabby high school uniform after school, and the similar people surrounding them.

Have you been thinking, what is the hardship of that each people?

No.. no.. It is none of your business, but have you ever thinking, do you want to help them to smile?

Yes, I did. Once, even I did not know how to, but I kept praying myself that someday that people could be happy in their own way.

We cannot make all people happy, but we can make a person happy, start from our family.

My dream? It is just a dream, I want to be rich and help people to lift up their sadness and giving the better future to them.