3 Something for advice.

Well, hello again. So I'm pretty new to all this and I think that I'm extremely unqualified to make this statement however as a fresh pair of eyes I think I may have some leeway here.

Okay, writers stop taking your novels so seriously. Part of the reason I read these stories was because they weren't meant to be serious. The story itself didn't take itself serious and that made me happy. I read a lot of books. I read about a hundred something books from my library yearly. Alright? If I wanted the same thing as that then I'd go to my library and read from there. However I read webnovel and even Wattpad books more often. Why? Because these stories are light hearted in comparison. There are examples of books that take themselves as a joke and play on it. And it's amazing. Because that makes me laugh and get immersed. However when that aspect disappears the stories end up taking themselves seriously. I can't tell what your readers want so don't take my advice.. This is what I want and this won't appeal to everyone and if you are writing a story that takes itself seriously then don't stop and change styles though I doubt you would

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Any ways that's it.

I just read myself and I got to ask. Brain what is wrong with you? Hey it's 6:40 A.M! That's what's wrong! Anyways these "chapters" are just random garbage that come into my mind.